Monday, November 9, 2015

November 8, 2015 - Horseshoe Beach, FL to Jacksonville, FL

Edith was up at 6:15 am, peeked out the window and saw that it was very cloudy. She went back to bed.  At 6:45 Erwin woke Edith and told her to look out the window.  Oh, pretty colorful sky and she quickly got out of the bed and into play clothes. Grabbed her camera and went outside. She FORGOT her glasses and was almost as blind as a bat. She did not want to walk back to get it because she did not want to miss the shot.

It is Sunday, but only 3 boat trailers so far. Edith walked close to the boat ramp, took pictures. Even though Edith cannot see very well without her glasses she was able to see a small part of the rainbow.  

Today is the day we leave Horseshoe Beach, FL for Jacksonville, FL. We will definitely miss this place and will want to come and stay here again.  Erwin has an appointment for annual check-up on his left knee (he had a total knee replacement in November 2011) tomorrow. We have few errands to do while in Jacksonville.  

Erwin complained about his right side, said it started to hurt around 4 am. it could be from the way he slept or it could be health-related problem.  If the problem continues for a couple days he will need to see a doctor about it.  He took Ibuprofen.

After Edith came back from photo shooting she and Erwin started putting stuff away.  Since the grey water tank (waste water from sinks and shower) was almost full we did not take a bath.  Erwin decided to fill up the fresh water tank since the water hose is already connected to the tank and he does not have to do it again when we get back to the house.

The rain clouds were starting to build up. Campers told Erwin last night that there is a 60% chance of rain today.  

We left Horseshoe Beach around 10 am, stayed on Route 351 until we reached Route 349, turned left .  After we got into Lake City, FL Erwin decided to use I-75 instead of Route 441, even though it takes a bit longer but safer and less hassles.

Driving on Route 351
By the time we got on I-10 from I-75 it started to rain.  The motorcyclists, passing us after we got on I-10, had to stop few miles later under a bridge to put on rain suits.  

We arrived Jacksonville after 1 pm, stopped at a small shopping center so we can unhook the Jeep.  It is much easier for Erwin to drive the Lil’ Home (LH) to a gas station to get the tank filled up and park it in the driveway without the Jeep. 

Jacksonville Skyline
Crossing Warren Bridge over St. Johns River
The house looked the same, but the grass looked so much better. More healthy, thanks to the rain Jacksonville had been getting the last few days.  

The dark grey clouds started to build up quickly.  We hurriedly drove to our dear friends’s house for a visit.  Audrey and Harold went to Florida Deaf School with Edith and Harold was Edith’s prom date.  We were so happy to see them again and chatted our heads away.  The downpour was heavy and the road was slightly flooded.  It lasted for about an hour or so.

It was almost suppertime and Edith suggested that we all go out to eat, so we went to Hardee’s. Audrey and Harold wanted to try their chicken tenders because Erwin kept telling them how delicious they are. 

We bid Audrey and Harold good night and Audrey told us that we are welcome to go over to her house if we need to use the computer or Video Relay.  How very kind of them.  

We were exhausted when we got back.  Since there are no bedding furniture in the house we slept in our LH.  It was a little warm because there is no electricity to run the A.C.

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