Thursday, November 26, 2015

November 21, 2015 - Fruitland Park, FL to Chiefland, FL

It took us a while to finally crawl out of the bed.  It was overcast.

It is the last day of our camping at Lake Griffin State Park.  We did enjoy our stay here and will want to come back here another time.

After our breakfast we quickly put things away, put stuff back in the baggage area, blew off leaves and water puddles from the awnings before closing the slideouts.

One more hike inside the state park - the Mammoth Live Oak tree.  It is said that it is the 2nd largest Live Oak tree in Florida.  Its age could be between 300-500 years old.  Anytime you visit Lake Griffin State Park be sure to take the time to hike to see the beautiful and magnificent tree.

We left Lake Griffin State Park at 10:45 am, got on 466A going west toward Wildwood, FL.  Nice drive.  We arrived Chiefland around 2 pm, decided to boondock at Super Walmart off Route 19.  There were trucks parked there.  We found a place to park, far away from the store.  

Edith took the Jeep and went to the public library while Erwin stayed behind.  She needed to use the wifi to post blogs.  She had about 30 minutes to edit and finish the post before the library closed at 3 pm.  She went by Health Food store to pick up pink salt, but the store was closed. 

We had leftovers for supper.  It was so delicious.  Oh, you may be wondering how we reheat leftovers when there is no electricity at where we were.  We have an inverter that we can turn it on to run low wattage appliances, such as microwave, coffeemaker, toaster, etc.  It is really nice to have it when we are in a place without access to electricity.

We went inside Walmart, browsed around, bought few things.  We wanted something for dessert, decided on Klondike Krunch ice cream sandwiches.  It is bad for Edith because she tries to stay away from foods that are high in carbs.  It has not been easy for her. 

The night was very quiet with us playing games.  

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