Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 9, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL

It was somewhat a restless night’s sleep for us because the air conditioning was not on. It was little warm inside the Lil’ Home (LH).  The house has electricity, but the outlets in the garage are not designed to supply the power to the LH.  During the night we can turn the generator on which will run the air conditioning, but it will be noisy and bothersome for the neighbors. 

We decided to take shower in the house to save water usage in the LH and to keep the grey water tank (waste water from sinks and shower) from filling up, since we will be staying at the house for at least a couple more days.  

We  stopped at Bank of America to deposit two checks that came in the mail last week.  Then we went to Calico Corners to pick up the shades for the bedroom, but the saleslady regretfully informed us that our order was not ready, but should come in this afternoon. She said she will call when it comes in.  

Erwin had a 11:20 am appointment at Center One, it is for annual check-up on his left knee. He had a total knee replacement in November 2011.  He asked to have bilateral X-rays done on his right knee which has been bothering him since the incident in Philipsburg, Montana last June.  They took 6 x-rays on both of his knees.  Paul Sturney, PA-C, examined both knees and said that the x-rays of his right knee shows heavy arthritis.  He suggested steroids and if the shot does not help reduce pain in next few months Erwin can come back for further examination.  Erwin mentioned that he immediately felt no pains after the shot, so let’s hope that it will last for a long time. 

Erwin filling out the form on the tablet

We shopped at Costco to pick up meats and to eat samples, which were our light lunch.  Of course, we spent more than we wanted to.  But we got meats that will last for about 2 weeks.  Picked up a case of bottled water for the Jeep.  We love munching on cashews while traveling and we were out of it last week, so we picked up a big jar of cashews. We also picked up a jar of organic coconut oil which we use often for sautéing and baking.

We came home from Costco to put the stuff away before we went out again.  While we were in Costco Calico Corners called and left message that our order is in and we can pick it up this afternoon.  We went back to Calico Corners and got the shades and drapery hooks.  

There is a cemetery next door to Calico Corners. Of course, Edith wasted no time in telling Erwin to go in there.  There were few interesting tombstones and statues.  It is a big cemetery with lots of trees and a small pond.  

We fussed about our hairs last week and swore that we will have to go get haircut when we are in town and we did.  Went to Great Clips in Deerwood area, our favorite place.  Ahhh, we felt lighter and better when we stepped out of the salon.

After haircut
Erwin wanted to do the laundry, but Edith told him to wait til after 5 pm because that is when there won’t be people coming by to look at the house.  Well, Erwin went ahead and did the laundry around 2 pm!  

Since it is cool in the house Edith decided to use the kitchen to bake Hobo Burgers.  There were enough meat mixture to make 3 burgers. Two for us to eat for supper and the third will be for our lunch tomorrow or next day (we will split in half).  

We had the generator running for about half an hour to cool the LH, so it won’t be so warm when we go to bed.  

Edith went to Starbucks, which is now her temporary office, to check emails, to change Federal health insurance plan (open season began today) and to reserve a campsite for next week.  While there she edited few pictures for today’s blog.  

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