Saturday, November 7, 2015

November 5, 2015 - Horseshoe Beach, FL

The morning was very pleasant that we had breakfast outside.  Erwin declared that he is going to REST, RELAX and RECUPERATE today.  Edith was okay about that, but she still has things to do.

Edith needs Internet fix, so she went to the library (opens Thurs-Sun). It is a very small library, but has lots of books, DVDs, puzzles and games.  The volunteer was very pleasant and kept asking her if there was anything she could do to help her.  “I am good, just need internet”, Edith replied.

From the library she cruised through the streets on the east side of the main street, found a couple interesting stuff.  The east side has more mosquitoes than the west side (where the city park/campground is in).  She went by the marina/store to get pictures of the shrimping boat that is being docked. 

Gateway to Gulf of Mexico
High Roller - Shrimp Boat


While Edith was away Erwin spotted something on a sandbar, grabbed the camera and took pictures. It was a juvenile bald eagle.  It was resting for a while and then flew off with a fish in its talons.  He was so excited to show pictures to Edith who was happy, but envious at the same time.  

Young Bald Eagle

By mid afternoon an osprey flew very close to our Lil’ Home and Edith got out to go around to see where it was going.  Oh great! It landed on a weathervane. Oh, it was very wet and spreading its wings to dry out.  Edith could see that the feathers were matted and clumpy.  It stayed up there for a long time, finally left not fully dry.  About 15 minutes later it returned back to the weathervane still damp, guess it was trying to speed dry?  Edith really enjoyed watching it up close, took several pictures.

Great White Egret gracefully landed in the shallow water right in front of us, started to walk slow while looking for baits.  An osprey had a hit/miss action.

It seemed that today a lot of airboats went out and they do make loud noises.  There was one that people can charter for fishing, sunset watching, etc.  We might want to charter it for fishing one day.

A beautiful pelican politely posed for Edith. It did not seem to mind her presence, but it kept looking at her every where she moved.  

Edith fixed pan fried pork chops and steamed acorn squash with butter/brown sugar. We decided to eat outside since it was cool enough and the sun was starting to set.  

The sunset was lovely.  Edith found out that the shooting stars from Southern Taurids peak tonight, but the clouds started to move in.  It was maybe half an hour or so before the clouds dissipated.  Oh yeah!!! She saw several shooting stars, but did not have any luck in taking pictures of them.  She called Erwin out to see them and he saw few.  The comets moved too fast that you won’t be able to see where it started.  The city park had too many street lights on, so it was not a great place for night photography.  She is going to try a different location tomorrow night.  

For Erwin it was indeed a REST day, but for Edith not quite so.. If you already read about her you will know that she cannot sit still all day long except when she is at her computer editing pictures ;-)

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