Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 2, 2015 - Chiefland, FL

We were really LAZY this morning. All because of the dreary weather!  Today is laundry day!  We do wish there was an easy way to get clothes clean without laundry.

The sun kept trying to come out, but the clouds kept blocking it. It was a constant battle between the sun and the clouds all morning.

We found a coin operated laundromat two blocks from the main street in Chiefland.  It was clean and well maintained.  While Edith was taking a picture of Erwin getting the laundry started he commented that the female readers might be jealous that their spouses don’t do laundry. Well, there were more males there doing their laundry than we have seen elsewhere!

While Erwin was at the laundry Edith went to the public library to use wifi to check emails, messages and to update travel blog.

After the laundry was done we decided to go out for lunch at ABC Greek/Italian Restaurant.  It had all you can eat pizza buffet for $6.95. We elected to go with buffet. There was a table with ladies wearing red hats and purple outfits.

On way back to the campground we stopped by Chiefland RV Park that is one block away from the laundromat to get information on their rates.  The office reeked of cat urine.  Forget that one!

We changed into swim wear to go swimming at the spring, since it was sunny and warm.  The spring temperature is 72˚ all year round.  The spring produces about 50-150 gallons a day.  There were four swimmers when we arrived.  We did not have snorkeling gear or fins with us. We had them before, but they were in bad condition after years and years of usage from the time we were married in 1992.  We will have to start saving $ to buy new snorkeling gear.  

The water was COLD at the beginning, but after staying in a while Edith was the first one going in the water.  Erwin went in much later, but hurriedly swam back to the steps, said it was too cold to stay in.  Edith spent time exploring the area, but without googles it was hard to see what was down there.  It was maybe 20 minutes before Edith felt it was time to get out. Edith had GoPro camera with her, but without special filter for underwater it was difficult to video anything in the water.   Erwin did not even bother to come back in the water. He just sat there watching and waiting.

We changed into dry clothes, hung up the wet suits and towels outside.  We lounged outside sipping cold drinks and chomping on appetizers/snacks.  It was a peaceful moment.

A very simple supper was prepared on the stove and grill outside.  We decided not to build a fire because it was warm and we were low on firewood.

We were too exhausted to walk on the boardwalk to the dock to watch the sunset.  Edith said she can wait until we come to Horseshoe Beach.  A better place for watching sunsets.

We did a bit of cleaning up and putting stuff away before we depart tomorrow morning, so we won’t have to do too much in the morning.

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