Monday, November 9, 2015

November 7, 2015 - Horseshoe Beach, FL

Edith finally made it to get out before the sunrise.  Since the beginning of our RV journey on Sept 30, 2015 she has not had success in getting up before sunrise.  Being on the west coast of Florida the view is usually not as great as on the east coast, but Edith went ahead and took pictures.

The parking lot for boat trailers was almost full before the sun came up! 

The cormorant is back on the same rock again, but it did not stay there very long. 

Anglers started fishing on the bank, some were crabbing.  A lady not too far from our campsite was catching fishes non-stop, so Edith decided to go fishing, but she did not get any!  That same lady was reeling in, then immediately dropped her fishing pole, backed off, ran to the truck.  It was an eel that was on the hook.  Her husband and his daughter had to free it from the hook. 

A guy was fishing while another guy and a gal were crabbing. He thought he got a fish and yelled for help.  It turned out the turtle got caught in the fishing line.  It took the guys a while to untangle it.  The turtle was flapping wildly, but was freed from the line and let go.

We did not see eagles flying by this morning.  There were few ospreys with catches going by.  Pelicans were dive bombing, some were lucky and others were not.  It was a good show to watch.

Pelican dive bombing
After lunch we drove to check out Shired Island, about 8 miles from Horseshoe Beach.  A guy mentioned to Erwin this morning about a campground there. We wanted to see what it is like.  We made a right turn to dirt packed road that will meet Route 357.  There were few parked trucks with cages in the back, some were hunting.  Illegally or legally we don’t know.

After crossing the bridge over Shired Creek we made a right turn to the boat ramp which we thought was the campground. No, it was not, so we asked for directions.  “Go a mile and half, make a right turn, keep going until you see a dumpster then go right”, the lady instructed. Off we went and we finally came to the campground/fishing pier.  $10 for county residents (Dixie County) and $20 for non-county residents.  Not exactly to our liking. Too redneck for us! No offense, but the people were not respectful.  Fishing is great there. Ok, we will stick with camping in Horseshoe Beach, but can drive to Shired Island for a day of fishing.  We did not stay in Shired Island very long, went back on the same route to Horseshoe Beach.

Edith, along with her camera, walked over to the pavillon because she noticed that pelicans and seagulls were scrambling over something.  Oh, two guys were filleting fishes they caught and they threw guts and heads in the water.  Pelicans and seagulls were fighting for them.  The guys had beautiful slot reds and lots of trouts. They had a great fishing day.

A simple and quick supper was served. Since it was pleasant and breezy we ate outside while enjoying the view of the sunset.  

Erwin was chatting with some people and was told that University of Florida won the football game against Vanderbilt by one point 9-7.  Sounds not too good since Vanderbilt is not ranked.  It might affect Florida’s ranking in the poll. At least Florida is now SEC East champs and will play against the winner in SEC West for SEC Championship.

This is the last night of our stay here and will miss it when we leave tomorrow.  Edith did not go out for night photography.  She was starting to feel tired and needed rest.

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