Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 1, 2015 - Chiefland, FL & Horseshoe Beach, FL

Did anyone of you forgot to set the clock back this morning?  We did! 

Upon arising the sky was blue with some clouds, but in an hour or so it was overcast and grey.  We had decided that we were going to Horseshoe Beach, FL in the afternoon to visit friends and to sightsee a bit. 

By mid-morning a lot of campers had left for home, so now the campground is ours until Tuesday. It had gotten so quiet all of a sudden; no kids riding bikes, no couples walking around hand in hand. We bet the deer are happy now!

Edith did a bit of housekeeping in the Lil’ Home (LH).  So much easier and quicker to clean LH than the house where it is big and many rooms to keep up with.  

Erwin was going to replace the vents on the roof, but when he got there he noticed that the vents were sealed with something special and he did not have on hand to re-seal them.  He decided to wait until he talks to someone who has had experience in replacing vents.  In the meantime it is not so critical to replace them.

The concession is the only place within the state park where one can use free wifi, so Edith has been going there once in a while to update travel blogs.  While she was working on the blog there were few people swimming in the spring.  One of them has scuba diving equipment.  We are thinking of swimming there tomorrow when the weather gets warmer or hotter later in the day.

We left for Horseshoe Beach around 12:30 pm, stopped in Old Town for quick lunch. Arrived Horseshoe Beach around 1:45 pm.  We went straight to the city park/boat ramp to check out its campground facility. $10 for county residents/$20 for non-county residents and the maximum stay is 7 days.  Erwin scouted around the area, said we could camp at #7/#8 for better view of the water.  We might try to camp there next Tuesday after checking out of Manatee Springs State Park.  

After checking out the city park we went to meet Gracie and Jerry who like to visit Horseshoe Beach once in a while.  Jerry’s sister and nephew were visiting in town, also.  We visited with them for about 2 hours, then left to go back to the city park.  We had about an hour and half to kill before the sunset. Erwin took out a paperback book to read while Edith was busy walking around and shooting pictures of the birds, the sunset, etc.. 

Edith was kind of disappointed that the clouds decided to take over because two hours earlier the sky was so blue with not one cloud in sight.  She was looking forward to getting a picture of the huge orange setting sun above Gulf of Mexico.  Well, that did not happen!  


Mockingbird - Florida State Bird

Sunset over Gulf of Mexico

It was one hour drive from Horseshoe Beach to Manatee Springs State Park in Chiefland, FL.  It was 6:45 pm when we got “home” and we reheated the beef stew that Edith prepared early this morning.  

Edith was able to see the Milky Way, but it was not as clearly visible as it was a month ago.  

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