Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 10, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL

The shades that we picked up yesterday really made the bedroom very dark and we are very happy about it.

It rained overnight while we slept.  It was very dreary this morning.  Erwin spent part of the morning reorganizing and cleaning the Jeep to make room for firewood that we will pick up this afternoon.

Since we don’t have a printer (we sold ours because it was too big to be kept in our Lil’ Home) Edith asked her friend Rosalee if she could do her a favor by printing a form from the website for Mail Service Prescription Drug Benefit.  The benefit is now available to Blue Cross/Blue Shied Basic Option members and is a convenient way to get drugs delivered to wherever we are.  We can re-order prescriptions online via CVS/Caremark.  We hope this will help solve the problem of trying to get our prescriptions refilled while we travel. Also, it allows us to have a 90-day supply of the medications delivered to us through PrimeMail.  By the way, we plan on getting a compact printer that we can use when camping.

We went over to Rosalee and Clark’s house for a visit and to get the form.  It is always good to see them and we had a good chat with them.  We never run out of news!

Then we went to Bon and Marilyn’s residence to pick up firewood that Bon got for us at a good price. $10 for 40 oak pieces.  We are looking forward to having campfires while camping.  Too bad we cannot have campfire at Horseshoe Beach, FL.  After loading the pieces in the back of our Jeep we went inside the house for a chat. Bon could not stay long because she had to leave for work at 1:30 pm.  We stayed with Marilyn until 2 pm.  

On way back home we stopped at Lakeshore Bicycle Shop on Blanding Blvd to see if they have a special bike rack extension that we can mount on the back of the Lil’Home (LH).  They don’t have it, but said they can ask around for us.  While there Erwin asked if there are electric bicycles that he can test ride it.  There is one and he went out for a ride.  After he got back Edith went out, also.  What a nice ride, but it is very costly!  We have been debating if we should get rid of bicycles and get a scooter, but we don’t want the hassles of having to get registrations, titles, gas etc that goes along with owning a scooter or motorcycle, plus the added weight when transporting it. The electric bikes weigh just over 50 pounds.  

We picked up few grocery items at Winn Dixie before heading home.  Erwin has asked Edith to start shopping at Winn Dixie instead of Publix because of its Fuel Perks program that we can get cheap or free gas simply by doing what we normally do: grocery shop!  There is a loyalty card and for every $50 spent on groceries we earn 5 cents off a gallon of gas.  It helps with cutting down the cost of diesel for our LH. We earned 9 cents fuel perks today! Last week we earned 20 cents off a gallon of gas. The downside is we can get UP to 20 gallons of gas each time we redeem fuel perks and the LH’s tank capacity is over 80 gallons. :-(  But still any little savings we get, helps a lot.

We enjoyed our dinner: seared beef loin steak, roasted cauliflowers and caprese salad (sliced fresh mozzarella and tomatoes and avocado that were seasoned with basil, pink salt and olive oil).

Starbucks in Tapestry Park, off Southside Blvd, has become Edith’s temporary office and after supper she went out to check emails, update travel blog, send glide messages and check Facebook. 

Edith was so tempted to drive to the beach for night photography, but ditched the thought when she saw there were clouds, so she went home.

We spent a bit of time discussing plans for camping after November 21st. After checking out of the state park on November 21 we might boondock at Super Walmart in Leesburg, FL for one night before we go to Horseshoe Beach to spend Thanksgiving week there.  

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