Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 6, 2015 - Horseshoe Beach, FL

Oh, what a beautiful foggy morning!  Dew was on all the windows… It was 7 am when we went out to see what’s happening.  Already more than 10 boat trailers are parked and more were coming! It is going to be crowded at the city park/campground.

Erwin alerted Edith to check out the cormorant that was preening while sitting on a rock not too far from where we sat. After getting itself cleaned it went into sleep mode. It did not stir a bit when Edith walked back and forth to get pictures.

Boats were leaving in continuous stream.  We wished we could get on one of them and go fishing. We had a fishing boat, a 17’ Custom Craft when we lived in the 5th wheel trailer. We had it for about 5 years before selling it. We sold it because at that time the gas prices was high and we couldn’t afford to keep buying gas. 

The sun finally broke through the dense fog around 9 am.  The clouds were starting to build up on the west side.  

A car drove up to where we were and a guy got out of it, started talking while walking up to Edith, but she informed him that she is deaf.  Erwin came to her rescue.  It turned out that he is the mayor of Horseshoe Beach and wanted to check on visitors. Tommy is a very likable fellow, has the gift of gab.  He stopped by to check and see if we would be interested in purchasing prime RV lots in the village.  He also mentioned that there are some RV lots we could rent monthly or yearly.  He worked for 34 years in Jacksonville, FL, and after his retirement he moved to Horseshoe Beach. He has a brother named Dennis who used to work at Florida Deaf School for about 15 years.  Dennis was out of town on a hunting trip in Ohio.  We will try to meet with Dennis next time we visit here.

Erwin and Tommy, the mayor of Horseshoe Beach

There was a guy fishing at the corner of the city park, trapped some good sized crabs.  He had about 6 crab traps out.

We biked to the dock to see if they have live shrimp for sale.  $4 for 25 shrimps or $7 for 50.  We decided to wait til late this afternoon to go back and pick up some for night fishing.  From there we went to Compass Realty office to get information on RV lot rentals.  The lady said there are few of them and gave us a list of places we could check out.  There was one we really liked, a great view of Gulf of Mexico and at dead end of the street, sadly it was already being rented.  It has a small fishing dock. The lot is for two RVs and there was one already there.  There were 5 more lots that we looked at, but we liked the first one.  We liked where we camp at now, but we can only stay a maximum of 7 days.

RV Lot for rent
Great view of the water

We were going to have lunch at Main St Cafe, checked their lunch menu, decided to go home and fix lunch.  The cafe is open Thurs-Sunday.  It is under a new management.  

What is it for? Mail, newspapers or ???
We must have biked for about two hours. When we got back to the campsite we were so worn out, drank and drank lots of water.  After lunch Erwin pulled out fishing gear from the baggage area (Edith calls it basement).  It has been a long time since we went fishing, so we already forgot how to do knots.  The camper next door came over and showed us how to do the knot. We need a refresher course on tying knots.

Around 3:45 pm Erwin biked to the dock to pick up the bait. We tried fishing from our campsite.  Erwin got few bites and Edith had none. It became too hot to stay out in the sun, so we have to wait until after the sunset to try fishing at the dock.  

After supper we walked to the dock and tried fishing.  A guy with his wife were on the west end of the dock and he caught few keepers.  After they left Edith moved over to that spot. Guess what?!  She got no bites!  The guy used plastics and Edith used live shrimp.  Oh well… We fished for about an hour, gave up and went home.  Even though we did not catch anything we still enjoyed it.  

The sunset was very lovely.  The feathered friends came to the sandbar to spend their nights there.

Seagulls, Pelican and Egret

Of course, Edith had to go out for night photography. She said she was going to drive around in the village to see if there is spot where there are not too many street lights. She finally found one.  However, the cars would be going by, but there were not too many of them.  After allowing her eyes to adjust she could clearly see the Milky Way and shooting stars.  She said she never thought about going to Jacksonville Beach, FL to look for the Milky Way and she said she will when we are back in town.

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