Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 13, 2015 - Jacksonville, FL

A very lovely morning. “Let’s go surf fishing", Edith remarked to Erwin.  Erwin looked puzzled and had to remind her that we had a plan for today.  Edith forgot about the lunch date with friends today.

The lunch gathering did not start until 11:30 am and we had an hour and half to kill. We stopped at Champion Bike Shop on San Jose Blvd to see if they have the rack extension we can use to store bikes on the Lil’ Home.  No, it did not have any that Erwin was looking for.  The best thing is to go to a welding shop and have them custom make the extension, but we did not have much time today. We will do that when we get back from the trip next month.

We did not have any trouble finding Julington Creek Fish Camp restaurant in Julington Creek area. It is by the bridge and there is a big marina with lots of sailboats docked. There are two restaurants in a building, but only the upstairs one is open for lunch.  Since we got there little early we walked around the marina for a little bit.  As we were walking back to the restaurant Rosalee was on the upper deck waving at us.  

There were supposed to be 10 of us, but two could not make it.  Harold and Audrey, Brenda and Jack, Rosalee and Clark (their turn to host this month) and us have been dining together for lunch for several years.  We take turns in hosting in Jacksonville or St. Augustine 8-9 months in a year.  We don’t get together during summer months.  Now that we will be RVing full-time soon we may not be able to make to meet with them for lunch unless we are in town. We will miss the gathering very much.  Good friends, good chat, good memories!

See, it gets told again!! lol
Erwin had fried chicken and Edith was not too hungry, had just an appetizer - fried artichoke hearts.  We were pleased with the foods, so did our friends.  All our eyes popped out when the waiter brought in Clark’s fish - a WHOLE fried flounder. It came with the head!!!  It was huge that it overfilled the huge oval plate! Clark did not finish all of it and had it doggie bagged to go home.  He said he will finish the rest tomorrow.  

Edith's appetizer 
Erwin's fried chicken
Clark's Whole Fried Flounder
It is supposed to be our turn next month, but we mentioned to our friends that we may not be around.  We passed it on to Brenda and Jack to host the gathering. They decided to do it in January because next month everyone will be busy with the Christmas thingy. 

Since we had some time left to kill we went to the Apple Store in St. Johns Town Center.  We were hoping they can find someone who could help solve the problem on Erwin’s IPhone.  The store was busy, but it was like less than 5 minutes before they sent a guy over to help us.  He recognized us because he was in American Sign Language (ASL) class under Michael Stutlz, a good friend of ours, when we were invited to be on the panel sharing our stories and experiences with ASL students.  It is nice that the Apple store used ASL to communicate with us and he got it fixed for us.  What a big relief!  Oh, all the fuss about Starbucks’ red cups, well, Apple employees are now wearing red t-shirts! 

After leaving Apple Store we walked around a bit, went inside Barnes & Noble store.  Oh my goodness! You ought to see tables and tables of adult coloring books here and there!!! A new fad! There was one that Edith really liked, but it was $14.95, so she did not buy it.  

We did not go anywhere after we got back to the house.  Erwin did the laundry, so we will have lots of clean clothes for our upcoming trip.  Edith caught up with paying bills.  The night was quiet. 

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