Thursday, February 4, 2016

January 14, 2016 - Tampa, FL

Erwin thought the breakfast social started at 9 am, but when he went through the papers for events he found out it started at 7:30. He was lucky that they still had Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee.

The weather was not as cold as it was yesterday, but the sun was up.  Edith was anxious to go out for sightseeing today.  A visit to one of two cemeteries is on her list: Oaklawn Cemetery and Myrtle Hill Cemetery.

Before we headed out for sightseeing Erwin made a call to Blue Ox customer service about the towing package we have on the Lil’ Home (LH). The knuckles are so rusty and they are not even a year old.  Unfortunately, the knuckles are not part of a 3 year warranty, but are easily replaced by ourselves. A set of two knuckles will cost $90.  We will need to buy a cover to protect the towbar while the LH is parked.

At 10 am we went to the tent for a meeting with Newmar Corporation officials.  They explained about the company's goal, the changes being made to new motorcoaches, facilities, etc.  In the past they used Spartan engine chassis, but are now switching to Freightliner engine chassis.  After the meeting was over Erwin talked to one of the officials, Ron Stitcher, about retrofitting our LH by adding a base cabinet in the dining area.  He told us that we would need to get specialists look into it and see if it can be done and to be sure it does not add too much weight.  We will have that taken care of in the near future.

Ron Stitcher 

We were going to Oaklawn Cemetery first, but we were driving by Myrtle Hill Cemetery, so made a turn to go in there.  There were several beautiful statues and tombstones. Many of them were in good shape. There were some intricate carvings . Such a beautiful old cemetery that was established in 1917.  Some were strange and some were awesome.

We went to Oaklawn Cemetery that is near Tampa downtown.  It is situated at the intersection of Morgan and Harrison Streets. It was the first public burial ground in the town. According to Wiki, the location was deeded in the mid-19th cemetery and was described as the final resting place for "White and Slave. Rich and Poor".   The information stated that there are over 1,700 graves.  Former mayors, senators, famous lawyers, pirates, slaves and confederate soldiers are buried there. Edith fell in love with this cemetery and spent a long while checking out and taking pictures of graves.

On way back to the Fairgrounds we stopped at IKEA to see if they have letter/document holder.  It did not have the style that we wanted.  We strolled about for a while before we left to go home.

After resting a bit we walked to the RV show, checked out more 5th wheel trailers and motor coaches that were way in the back that we did not see yesterday.  There were some performances around the area. 

We went inside the building where expensive motor coaches are displayed.  We decided to tour one of them. Of course, we had to take off shoes in order to go inside.  Wow, beautiful, but too glamorous for our taste.  You almost don't want to touch anything!!!  

Let's take a peek inside $2.6 million dollar motorcoach

The sky started to darken a bit and it was time for us to walk back to the campground.  We were tired from walking a lot.  We were hungry and it was close to suppertime.

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