Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 6, 3016 - White Springs, FL

I A gloomy morning.  We were planning on hiking/biking after breakfast, but when we stepped out we found out it was very cold, so we stayed inside.

While sipping freshly brewed coffee we started working on our upcoming trip to the Rockies for this spring and summer.  We checked out for camping availability at some state parks along the route we will be going.  We plan to start our 5-6 month vacation right after Feb 26-28 weekend camping at OLeno State Park in High Springs, FL. We are hoping to be able to camp at St. George State Park for 2 nights and Big Lagoon State Park for 2 nights, also.  We are really excited about the trip to the Rockies and Pacific Northwest and look forward to exploring new/old places. We may visit British Columbia if all goes well.

The sewage tanks were full, so we had to close the slideouts and drove the Lil’ Home (LH) to the dump station that was not too far from our campsite, and after it was done we came back and set up the LH again.  It was fast and easy, not a big deal.

After lunch we biked to the CraftsArea/Gift Shop for the Primitive Arts Day event.  There were demonstrators showing how to build a fire, to make cordage from yucca leaves, to make your own laundry soap.  If the weather was beautiful the place would be crawled with lots of tourists, but it is not, so the place was rather quiet.

Weaving a basket with pine needles from longleaf pine trees

Handmade Leather belts


We went inside the gift shop to browse around. There were woodturner bowls that was made by Mike, a local resident. He was the one who bought Erwin's woodturning lathe last fall.

What do you think?  Too big, huh...
It started to mist, so we hurriedly biked back to the LH, got inside and fixed ourselves a cup of coffee or hot tea, rested a while.

We played mini corn holes for a while and Erwin won the game.  We built a campfire, sat outside enjoying drinks while gazing at the sunset.

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