Monday, February 22, 2016

February 3, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL to White Springs, FL

The sun had a hard time breaking through the clouds.  While Erwin was at UHaul to get propane filled up for the Lil’ Home (LH) Edith went to Aldi to pick up fresh vegetables and fruits. Erwin also stopped at Murphy USA to get diesel fill-up, then went to the back of Winn Dixie store to wait for Edith to meet him after her shopping trip.

After Edith got back we hooked the Jeep to the LH, left around 10:30 am. The clouds were still thick . At least it did not rain.  The drive along I-10 West was very good and without incidents.

Jacksonville Skyline as seen fromWarren Bridge
I-10 West

We checked into Stephen Foster Cultural Center State Park in White Springs, FL and they had one site with 50 amps available, much to our delight.

On way to the campground Erwin did not notice that there was some kind of pothole and the LH rocked and rocked as he continued driving into the campground.

On way to the campground
Watch the part between 1:05 and 1:10 where the LH rocked after turning left

We pulled into site #36 and got the LH leveled and set up in a jiffy. Edith was about ready to prepare lunch, needed to get plates from the cabinet above the sink. Well, Erwin had already warned Edith to open the cabinets slowly. She did not and the dinnerware came crashing down on the countertop and the floor. That is the 2nd time this has happened! We lost one salad bowl, one soup bowl and two cereal bowls. This means a shopping trip to one of the stores to replace what was broken.

It took us a while to sweep up broken pieces from the countertop.  We swept the floor several times, vacuumed the carpet and the runner to be sure there were not any tiny bits left.  Of course, our lunch was put on hold until we were done cleaning things up!

We went for a bike ride within the state park, checked out the historic Suwannee River (also spelled Suwanee River) near the ranger station. It is a major river of southern Georgia and northern part of Florida and is about 246 miles long.The interesting thing about this river is that it “separates” peninsular Florida and the panhandle. Back in late 1900’s White Springs was a flourishing town with a health resort and 14 hotels in operation, thanks to the steamboat that operated on the river. As of now none of them are open for business :-(

After we got back from bike riding we set chairs outside and under the awning, rested a while before we had supper.  

We have no idea what the weather was going to be like for tomorrow, so we did not make any plans.

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