Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January 10, 2016 - Dover & Thonotosassa, FL

Gloomy morning but at least it did not rain.  After a quick breakfast we headed to Camping World in Dover, FL to see if they have LED light bulbs for the light fixture in the dining area.  

We got on McIntosh Road from Route 301 to go to Dover, FL where Camping World store in in.  Along that road we spotted an emu, several tufted ducks, mallards, Highland cattle, hawk, wood storks and lots of farm animals. The drive was very nice and pleasant.  There are two tree canopies. 

Tree Canopy

At Camping World there was 2008 Roadtrek Popular 210 and the color and style were identical to what we owned before we traded it in for the Lil' Home.  In spite of its age the Roadtrek was in a very good shape. Of course, Erwin had to take a peek inside the camper van.  

Erwin asked for assistance on which LED light bulbs to get, but he forgot to take along the indacasent light bulb from the dining light fixture. The salesperson was not able to determine what type and size will work without seeing the part.  Oh boy!  That means going back to the Lil’ Home, get the bulb and drive back to the store.  Well, we did not mind that because the drive on McIntosh Road is very nice.  Only 8 miles one way.  No big deal, really!

On way back to the campground we stopped on the roadside to let Edith walk across the road, so she can get a close-up shot of the emu and Highland cattle.  The emu could not pose still for Edith. It kept popping its head up/down and sideways.  Highland cattle did not come closer.

Few miles down the road there is a small pond with lots of ducks.  An hawk was on the fence not too far.  

After we got back to the campground Erwin took the light bulb out of the fixture and Edith took the telephoto lens with her. She did not have it with her when we first went out this morning.

We got the LED light bulbs in white instead of yellow.  It is supposed to last much longer than the incandescent types.  Yes, it is expensive, but much cheaper in a long run.

On way back we made several stops to let Edith take pictures.  Highland cattle was nowhere to be seen. The emu excitedly came over hoping for handouts and when it saw there was none it did not want to stay around. 

The hawk was still on the railing, but moved to a different location.  The ducks were too far for Edith to get close-up shots.  They are inside a private property, so Edith was not able to walk up close to the pond.  The hawk did not move much as Edith slowly walked up to it. After getting few good shots it flew into the tree.

On Route 301 there was a shop that had all sculptures made out of old farm equipment.  It was closed, but Edith managed to snap few pictures.

After we got back to the campground we went out for a good long walk.  We stopped to check out Hillsborough River and there were two anglers fishing. 

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