Monday, February 15, 2016

January 23, 2016 - Horseshoe Beach, FL

The wind REFUSED to give up, kept on rattling the Lil’ Home all night long. We managed to sleep through the night.  At least, it did not rain like yesterday.  Gulf of Mexico was at low tide, left sea foams on the banks that looked like snow and ice.  There were not many birds on sandbars.  The birds almost did not have to flap wings to go places, they just let the wind glide them.  

We decided to keep the living/dining slideout closed to lessen the shake from the wind.  We had the bedroom slideout out and it was okay because the shake was not so bad.  It is small and not as long as the living/dining one.

Edith woke up not feeling so good, complained of a sore throat and ear infection.  She did not feel like eating breakfast, had just a cup of coffee.  No aspirin was around, but Edith took ibuprofen. She hoped to feel better later on in the day.

Since it was still very windy outside we spent the day inside. We had the furnace on and the bathroom was the warmest of all because it is enclosed.

Late in the afternoon Erwin went over to see Gracie and Jerry to let them know that Edith was not feeling good and we will not watch the movie with them tonight.

 A park attendant stopped by to collect camping fee from us.  She was here a couple days ago, but we did not have cash with us. She did not bring the receipt book with her, said she will stop by tomorrow to give the receipt to us.

Erwin prepared meat/potato omelet for supper.  Edith had planned on fixing spaghetti squash with chicken thighs, but that takes up too much cooking time.  Saved it for tomorrow for when Edith feels better (we hope).

Because of the wind and Edith’s illness she did not go to the city park for sunset photography. Instead, she took pictures from inside the LH.  

Edith spent time editing travel notes and pictures for the blog while Erwin did a bit of woodburning on a new project.

The wind is not giving up, seemed to be packing more tonight than it was during the daytime.  Let’s hope we will manage to sleep through the night (crossing fingers).

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