Tuesday, February 23, 2016

February 7, 2016 - White Springs, FL

The sun was up, but there were water puddles around.  It must have rained some more after we went to bed last night.

Few RVs have already checked out of the campground.  The volunteers wasted no time in cleaning up the sites after check-outs. They worked fast and swiftly.

Edith spent the morning checking for routes, campgrounds and events for our upcoming trip.  She has sworn before that she wants to skydive before she turns 70 years old. Well, she found out that there is a skydiving place in or near Three Forks, MT.  She is going to email them for more information.  She hopes to be able to go skydiving in May or June.

Erwin spent the morning switching between working a bit on his new woodburning project and reading a paperback.  

After lunch we went out for a bike ride.  We wanted to hike, but because of the rain yesterday the trails are inaccessible. After bike ride we played mini cornhole game.  Erwin got most points.  

Erwin built a campfire using up firewood that was left in the back of the Jeep.  We need the cargo space for hauling our stuff from the garage at the house to the storage place when we get back home tomorrow.

While we were sitting by the campfire and enjoying the stuffed mini sweet peppers we were greeted by Mark and June, who had just checked into a spot across from us. They are from Middleburg, FL and had just bought a 5th wheel trailer.  We chatted a while and exchanged vacation stories.

in the mid afternoon we took a good long walk around the campground, checking out RVs.  There were several camper vans (Class B) and there was one gold colored Roadtrek Popular 210.  Class B vehicles are great for getting around in cities/towns without worrying about size and parking, but it is not ideal for fulltimers.

We had beef stew leftovers, but there were not enough vegetables, so Edith panfried sliced potatoes and carrots, then added them to the stew that was already preheated.

The 50th annual Super Bowl game is tonight, but we do not watch TV.  Erwin wanted to spend time working on his woodburning project and Edith was catching up on reading 50 Shades of Grey on Kindle. 

We were able to keep up with the score for each quarter of the football game via Facebook. Isn’t social media a wonderful thing?  So, the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10. It is Peyton Manning’s second Super Bowl win.  We think he is going to hang up his uniform.  

Although we did not do anything exciting or out of the ordinary we still have a lovely and relaxing day. Tomorrow morning is going to be busy as we will check out of the campground and go back to Jacksonville, FL.  We agreed to be up around 8 am tomorrow morning to get things ready.

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