Sunday, February 7, 2016

January 18, 2016 - Old Town. FL

It was a cold morning. The temperature reading at Gracie & Jerry’s house was at 42˚.  The sky was so blue with no clouds anywhere.

We had a good night’s sleep even without the heat on.  Yesterday Erwin was really tired due to lack of sleep the night before.

We had coffee chat with Gracie while Jerry went out on an errand in Chiefland, FL.  After Jerry got back from shopping he joined in with us for a while.  

The coils inside the refrigerator in our Lil Home needed to be defrosted and Erwin used the ceramic heater to thaw the ice.  We think the temperature may be faulty and will needed to be checked for accuracy.  Some foods placed on top shelf are iced.  We had to keep most foods on 3rd or 4th shelf down from the top so they will not get iced up.

For lunch Erwin was in mood for chicken tenders and Hardee’s is few miles from here, so we went there.  After lunch we got gas fill-up for the Jeep because where we plan to go and stay at tomorrow until Saturday does not have gas station.  We were planning on grocery shopping afterwards, but decided to wait til tomorrow morning.

The afternoon found us lazying around for a while. After supper we went over to the house and watched a movie with Gracie and Jerry.

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