Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 25, 2016 - Horseshoe Beach, FL

The sun has not crested over the horizon when Edith went out to check the weather. It was still chilly. The water was glass-like and not many shore birds were around.  

Today is the day we check out of Horseshoe Beach, FL. The grey water tank was almost full and we were not able to take a bath this morning.  It is a good thing that there is a dump station at the city park/boat ramp which we will use when we check out soon.

American White Pelicans are back, but so far far away from here.  Lots of Great Blue Herons near the sandbar.  Brown Pelicans were not around.

After emptying the black & grey waters we left Horseshoe Beach, FL at 9:30 am. We already missed this place. It is a great place for R&R for few days. We will be back there in the fall.

Last night we both discussed and decided to spend one more camping night before going back to Jacksonville, FL.  Erwin wanted to stop in Hawthorne, FL to talk to Jack and Edna about retrofitting the dining area in our Lil’ Home (LH).

It was not possible to pull into and park our LH at Quinby Cabinet Shop, so Erwin pulled it over to the shoulder across the street.  Edna came over first. The first words Edna signed after hugging Edith was “Where have you been?”.  Jack came over and the boys started talking about desk style, measurements, countertop, etc. while Edith and Edna yakked and yakked.  After the boys were done we chatted about camping events, etc.  We will see Edna at a camping event end of February.  It was good to see Jack and Edna again.  

We were going to have lunch at Johnny’s in Keystone Heights, FL, but when we slowly drove by we realized there is no place to park our LH and the Jeep, so we kept on going to Gold Head Branch State Park, about 7 miles from Keystone Heights.  

We got site #58 for one night.  After setting it up we quickly fixed lunch, then went out for a walk around the campground. 

There was a couple from British Columbia (BC) and we came up to them, started asking questions about BC.  They are from Vernon, BC and have been traveling since September of last year. We exchanged travel stories and Erwin shared some places to see while they are visiting Florida. 

While Edith was preparing supper she saw few ants crawling on the cabinet above the sink, called Erwin over. We checked the insides and realized that some packaged goods need to be stored in plastic containers.  When we get back to Jacksonville, FL we will have to clear everything out, call the pest control company to send someone to come and treat the LH.  This means a shopping trip to buy plastic containers.  We will also need to buy preventive measures to sprinkle around the LH while we park at any campground.

We went out for a mile and half walk, checked out the lake nearby. The water level was low and there were more lily pads than the last time we stayed here.  We did not see any alligators, no signs of birds or wildlife.  

Edith checked the time for moonrise (waning at 96.1%), went to the boat ramp, but was 8 minutes late after the rise.  The moon was very orange and there were cloud veils.  It was very beautiful!  The orange color lasted for about 15 minutes before it turned white and brighter.

Erwin spent time on woodburning while Edith edited some pictures from today’s shooting.

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