Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January 11, 2016 - Zephyrhills & Thonotosassa, FL

Finally! A beautiful morning to wake up to.  Even though it is still cold it is nice to have the sun up to keep us warm.  

Since Erwin is a breakfast guy Edith suggested to go to Village Inn restaurant in Zephyrhills, FL. Village Inn is one of Erwin’s favorite places to have breakfast. There used to be several Village Inns in Jacksonville, but many have closed up since. There is only one left on San Jose Blvd.

No, we did not have desserts after our breakfast ;-)
After breakfast we went to Hobby Lobby, so Edith can look for colored pencils in purple shade.  The store did not have much to offer and Edith was surprised because the adult coloring fad is going strong. You would think the store would make an effort to stock up the stuff to meet colorists’ needs/wants. 

This car was parked at Hobby Lobby parking lot
We explored the downtown area, stopped at Chamber of Commerce to get information on cemetery sites.  The lady gave Erwin a map of the town, told him to turn left on Main Street, go about 2 blocks then make a right turn. Erwin left the office with a foldable map of the town.  “Tell me where”, Edith signed to Erwin.  Erwin shrugged his shoulder, which sent Edith a message that he did not get the details she was hoping for.  “Go on 301 turn left go 2 blocks turn right”, Erwin signed.  “Cemetery name?”, she asked him.  “The lady did not tell me the name”, Erwin said.  Of course, we drove around and around, could not find the cemetery.  

After getting back to the campground we wanted to go on River Ridge trail at parking lot #2. Edith went in the Jeep and Erwin rode his bike and met her there. He thought he could use his bike on the trail. No, it is not allowed. 

River Ridge trail is over a mile long, has several boardwalks and a suspension bridge.  No sign of wildlife except for one buzzard!  Lots of cypress trees and knees.  

Bubble Gum fungus, Guess why it's called that?
Air plant on a branch

Cypress Knee as tall as Erwin
Cypress knees
Stairs to Suspension Bridge is closed :-(
Fooling around 

Cause of Alligators!
Turkey Buzzard

For supper Erwin wanted Edith to fix a new dish, Chicken-Parm Spaghetti Squash, he saw on Facebook.  For the kitchen this small it got very messy and Edith will have to figure out a better way to plan it next time, but she managed to get things prepared and cooked. So glad to have the convection oven! We both loved the dish and will definitely fix it again.  We each ate half of one piece, saved the other for leftovers.  

We put most stuff away, so we won’t have to do so much tomorrow morning before we check out.  Erwin topped off the fresh water tank.  The rally we will be at from tomorrow until January 17th there will be no water and sewer hookups, only electricity. We need to be sure the fresh water tank is full and the holding tanks empty.

A restful night for both of us with Erwin reading a pocketbook and Edith switching between coloring a page and updating travel notes.

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