Friday, February 12, 2016

January 20, 2016 - Cross City & Horseshoe Beach, FL

It was really really nice to sleep in when it was cold outside. The temperature read at 52˚. Not as windy as it was when we arrived here yesterday.

After breakfast we drove to Cross City, FL, so Erwin can withdraw cash from ATM.  We stopped by Dixie County Courthouse to pay taxes. While there we picked up 2016 Regulations Guideline for Saltwater Fishing.  

The rest of the day found us relaxing with Erwin reading a book and Edith checking emails, updating travel notes, working on travel routes for this summer.  Horseshoe Beach is a great place for rest and relaxation, not much to do for activities except fishing.  Since Gracie and Jerry are here we wanted to spend some time with them.

Few boats went out and there were some anglers fishing from the bank not far from us.  We went fishing, but there was no bites or nibbles.. Maybe the water was too cold for fishes so they go to the deeper waters of Gulf of Mexico.


After supper we went to see Gracie and Jerry, chatted a bit then watched the movie “Killing Season”.  Robert DeNiro and John Travolta were the stars in the movie. 

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