Monday, February 1, 2016

January 9, 2016 - Jacksonville, FL to Hillsborough River State Park, FL

Edith managed to be up at 5:30 am, took a peek out the window, could not see stars.  “Not good for sunrise”, she told herself and went back to bed.

It was foggy when we were up at 9 am. We had planned on starting our trip around that time, but we were running late. No hurry really, but...

While Erwin took the Lil’ Home (LH) to Murphy USA to get diesel and propane fill-up Edith went to Publix to pick up RXs for both of us. She bumped into Herbert, our good friend and chatted a bit.  

We finally left home around 11 am.  The overpass to get on I-95 N was closed and we had to detour to Kings St, got on the interstate near Baptist Hospital.  The traffic was not too bad.  

It was very foggy at downtown.  That would have been a perfect photo op for Edith, but there is no place to park the LH near Southbank riverwalk.

We got on I-10 W to Exit #343 for Route 301 S. It started to mist and the fog was still thick.  According to GPS, expected time arrival to Hillsborough River State park is 3:01 pm. It might be later than this because of the weather.

Erwin saw a billboard for Hardee’s that is 2 miles ahead and gave hint to Edith that he wanted to have lunch there. He loves their chicken tenders.  Edith mentioned that we may have trouble finding a place to park. Sure enough, there was no place to park. Tsk!  We continued on for few miles and pulled into Walmart parking lot. We made ham sandwiches.  While Erwin was still eating his sandwich Edith made a quick trip into Walmart to pick up a couple items.  

Because of the lunch break the estimated time arrival is now at 3:35 pm.  The fog has lifted. The traffic is light.  The sun was trying and trying to break through the thick clouds, but did not succeed. 

We arrived Hillsborough River State Park at 4:10 pm and parked the LH on the side after passing the ranger station.  It started to rain as soon as we started walking to the station to register.  We got site #40 for three nights. The Jeep was unhooked before we headed to the campground.

The rain intensified as we left the station.  The visibility was not great.  

Erwin had his first lil’ fender bender with the Lil Home, while he was maneuvering the RV to get it into the right spot, a big oak tree suddenly jumped into the side of the LH causing a small dent/crack at the very bottom of the LH!  :-(  Edith was very upset and scolded Erwin for not looking out but he blamed the tree!!  It did not take long to get the LH settled.  We had to use boards for levelers because the ground was muddy. (Edith’s version: Erwin is still denying that it was his fault).

This is the tree that Erwin blamed for the damage
The damage!!!
Since there is electricity Erwin was excited to get started on woodburing again.  At home there is no 50 amp electricity that he can use while we park the LH on the driveway.

Edith decided to start her first coloring project from the book she bought at Five Below˚ yesterday.  Second childhood project! She had read so much about her Facebook friends showing off their finished projects. 

Edith's first adult coloring project

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