Sunday, April 2, 2017

February 27, 2017 - Panama City Beach, FL

The sky was overcast and the wind started to kick in.  We were not sure if it was going to rain later on during the day, but we decided to go out for a drive.
We did not leave the campground until after 11 am.  The weather started to look better and the sun was out.  We went by to check out few attractions.  
Who looks more vicious? Me or him?
We visited Pier Park a couple years ago, but wanted to visit it again.  Erwin managed to find a parking spot not too far from the stores.  Erwin can only walk for a while without hurting his heel.  We walked like 3 blocks each way before ordering lunch at Nathan’s.  
We got two hot dogs with a large drink and large fries for only $4.79.  The fries were very good, tasted like mashed potatoes, but fried.
Erwin wanted to check out Crocs store because the Crocs he has are starting to fall apart.  After trying on one he realized that it hurt his left heel, decided not to buy it even though he liked the look.  Plus they were quite a bit more expensive than when he bought his first one!
We drove through the town center, the very back of the Pier Park where it has Target, Dillards, some other department stores. We did not stay there long. 

I wanted to visit ZooWorld Zoological Conservatory, but went in to check the admission and if they have a wheelchair or a scooter for Erwin to use.  They have a wheelchair. Ok.. The admission was $15.95 for Seniors 65+.  The ZooWorld has a petting zoo, feeding the giraffe, etc.   The sidewalk was in bad shape and it was hard for Edith to push the wheelchair.  Someone commented on the Tripadvisior page that it is a hidden gem.  To us, it was not a hidden gem at all!  Poorly maintained and the caged pens were too small for the animals.  The tiger was seen pacing and panting constantly while we were watching it.  It is really a small zoo!  Some areas were closed off for repairs and renovations, so we did not get to see everything.  We were very disappointed!  I am going to leave my comment with Tripadvisior.
South America Rhea
We had enough for day’s outing, went back to St. Andrews State Park.  I wanted to check Gator Lake to see what it is like.  Lots of birds nesting all around, but I did not have the zoom lens with me.  

After getting back “home” I put the zoom lens on the camera, went out by myself to Gator Lake.  Shot many pictures.  Herons, egrets, anhingas.  There were black skimmers flying low over the water.  Few egrets and herons left the nesting sites to find sticks to build a nest.  I stayed there for like 15 minutes before I left to go to the beach.  I was hoping to get sunset pictures, but the clouds started to envelope around the sun.
I walked on G.C. Tiller Memorial Pier to admire the view of the beach and the ocean.  The ocean colors were jade green.  There was a photographer taking pictures of a couple on the sand.  Another photographer was taking pictures of a couple sitting on a motorcycle at a parking lot.  
No luck with the sunset photography, but I managed to snap one of the pier while I was on the beach.  The fog started to roll in and the winds picked up more.
After leaving the beach there was a deer near the road. It just stood there, looked at me, then looked away, walked back into the woods.
We didn't do much tonight, but just rest, rest and rest.  


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