Sunday, April 23, 2017

March 20, 2017 - Austin, TX

It was about a week before we came to Austin that we let Facebook friends know of our visit to Austin.  Kate, one of my Facebook friends, informed me that the Gallaudet alumni from Class '70s-'79s, living in Austin or nearby, meet at the cafe for breakfast on 3rd Monday of each month.  She told us that we are welcome to join in, which we were glad to do.

Kate gave us directions and wanted to be sure that we get on South Lamar Blvd, so we set up GPS and we did not have any trouble getting there.  The cafe is at the far end of Central Market, the grocery store.  I was hoping to see two college friends, Franna and Karyl, whom I had not seen since 1970.  Unfortunately, both were unable to come.  It was good to see Shirley and John.  We had never met Kate until today, thanked her for the information on the gathering.  We were introduced to Marilyn and Roger, who had just got back from RV traveling.  We spent all the morning sharing stories about travel, jobs, family, etc.. We had a wonderful time with the group.

From left: Roger, Marilyn, Kate, Shirely and John
After breakfast and bidding friends good bye we went shopping at Central Market. What a nice store it was!  I could easily spend hours checking out stuff in each aisle. 
We had groceries, so we were not able to go sightseeing anywhere, but to go back to McKinney Falls State Park.  After putting groceries away we drove to Lower Falls to check it out.  The waterfall was not flowing as much as it was at Upper Falls.  There were few bathers lounging around.
We did not do much for rest of the afternoon.  The weather was so pleasant we sat outside resting.  


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