Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 14, 2017 - Huntsville & Montgomery, TX

It was sunny but little chilly. It was in low 40’s.  Since Rick’s Auto Shop could not take our Jeep in for service today we decided to go visit Huntsville, TX today. Attractions to visit: Sam Houston Statue, Sam Houston Memorial Museum, Historic Downtown, Oakwood Cemetery and Martha Chapel Cemetery.
Who was Sam Houston?
     Sam Houston was one of the most controversial figures.  He was a great warrior and statesman and fought in two wars.  He served as a U.S. Congressman, Senator, Governor of two states (Tennessee and Texas), and was twice elected President of the Republic of Texas.  He married Margaret Moffette Lea of Alabama in 1840.  Sam died of pneumonia on July 26, 1863.  Margaret died of yellow fever during the epidemic in 1867. 

A 67’ tall statue of Sam Houston is at Sam Houston Statue Visitor Center.  We took exit #109 to get on Highway 40, then made a left turn to Highway 75 N.  The statue can be seen if you are on I-45 N. It was designed and constructed by artist David Adickes.  On October 22, 1994 it was dedicated to the city of Huntsville.  Bluebonnets were plentiful near the statue.-45 N.  There is a gift shop that sells souvenirs, collectibles and memorabilia. 

Oakwood Cemetery, not too far from Huntsville’s historic downtown, is the final resting place for many prominent figures.  There are three sections: Old Cemetery, New Cemetery and “Negro” Cemetery. Sam Houston is buried there and there is a monument in his honor.  
We visited Sam Houston Memorial Museum on 19th Street at Sam Houston Ave.  The admission for seniors was $4 per person.  The museum has a large collection of Sam Houstons artifacts.  Two of his homes are situated near the spring.  The museum opens from 9 am to 4:30 pm Tuesday-Saturday and 12 noon to 4:30 Sunday.

Steamboat House where Sam Houston died July 26, 1863
We decided to try Bennie J’s Bones, Beef & Bits for lunch. It is located across the road from Oakwood Cemetery.  It is ranked #1 out of 89 restaurants in the area.  We had a platter with 3 different meats: brisket, smoked chicken and ribs. While we were waiting in line to order  one customer came up to us with his written message on a napkin telling us to be sure to order Buttermilk pie.  Of course, we ordered one!  The meats were so tender and fell off the bones.  The folks in the kitchen were very nice and friendly.  We were not disappointed with what we had.  The pie was very delicious and we should have ordered two pieces! 
We checked out Fastenal to see if they have something that would work for my photography gear.  They did not have anything on hand, but gave us the part number and we can check with the store in Conroe, TX.
On our way back “home” there was one more stop that I wanted to visit: Martha Chapel Cemetery.  To get there we had to go on a dirt road for 12 miles after leaving Farm Road 1791. 
Temperature rose to 67˚ when we were on way back to Montgomery, TX.  

I did not feel like cooking, and we were in mood for pizza.  Two years ago Patty and Paul took us to Pizza Shack and their pizza was so delicious.  I texted Patty to let her know that we were going to have pizza there.  She replied back that she and Paul wanted to join in with us. The more the merrier.

It was not very crowded when we four went in Pizza Shack.   Erwin and I had a 16” pizza with pepperoni, onions and artichoke hearts.  While dining Patty mentioned that she was curious how Pizza Shack fares among other restaurants in Montgomery.  I looked it up in TripAdvisor app and was surprised that it is ranked #1 out of 83 restaurants.  Of course, we could not finish our pizza, had few slices left, put them in a box to go.  For my dessert to go I ordered The Golden Ticket, a vanilla cupcake stuffed with honey mousse and mixed berries, frosted with their signature whipped topping, sprinkled with caramelized cornflakes to go.  Amanda Cano competed on Bakers vs. Fakers, a challenge that had amateur bakers against pro bakers. Her cupcake won $10,000.  By the way, it is Amanda’s family who owns Pizza Shack restaurants in Montgomery and Willis, TX. 
After getting back home we waited until about 8 pm to eat the cupcake. Oh WOW!!! Oh boy! It was out of the world, to die for!  Too bad we ordered just one cupcake! 😔 


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