Sunday, April 2, 2017

February 26,2017 - Live Oak, FL to Panama City Beach, FL

Oh no! We slept past 9:30am, but that is okay because we don’t oversleep very often. We were hoping to check out of the campground around 10 am.

The sky was all blue with not a speck of clouds anywhere.  Little chilly, but bearable.

The big awning would not retract fully, and Erwin thought it may be due to leaves being stuck inside the awning arms.  We had to extend the awning again, so Erwin can clean out leaves from inside.  We retracted the awning again and it was much better.

We finally left the campground at 10:40 am, turned right to get on US 90 West, then made a left turn on Route 225 to I-10 West.  A very nice and easy drive.
The view of old US Highway 90 Bridge
We stopped at a rest area, few miles from Tallahassee, FL, for a short break.  The rest area is very nice, has lots of sheltered picnic areas. 
From I-10 we took exit #174 to get on Greensboro Highway (FL-12 W), continued on it until FL-20 in Bristol, FL where we made a left turn to get on US 231 South. Panama City was 25 miles away, but we are heading toward Panama City Beach, FL.
In Panama City, FL we took a right turn to get on FL-328 West.  Even though there were lots of vehicles on that route, but driving through Panama City town was not so bad.

We finally got on US 98 West to go to St. Andrews State Park.  There was construction going on at that intersection. The traffic moved steadily without stopping.
St. Andrews Bay
We arrived St. Andrews State Park, checked into registration office where there is an exhibit. It has a large aquarium with jellyfish, lion fish, eel, etc. We plan to come back here and take a good look around other exhibits.
Lionfish - Invasive fish that threatens native fish and the
environment in Atlantic Ocean
Our site #19 was nice, pretty much level.  Erwin had no trouble pulling the Lil’ Home in.  After settling we open all the slideouts and awnings, put out camping chairs.  
We went biking for the afternoon checking out the fishing dock. There was a guy cleaning his catch of flounder.  Nice sized!  There were pelicans in the water waiting for the guy to discard the wastes.  Great Blue Heron was nearby, but did not try to get involved. The dock is very nice, has a good view of the buildings on the other side of the river.  

After our supper we biked to the beach area, walked on the beach for a bit.  On way back we check out Gator Lake where there is a rookery. One trail was closed due to nesting time.  

A restful night for us


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