Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 16, 2017 - Conroe & Montgomery, TX

We were late risers this morning. I slept til past 10 am!

It was overcast and in low 60’s when we were ready to head out.

We went back to Rick’s Auto Shop to have them check the brake lights. It turned out that the housing for the taillight bulb had a slight crack which may have caused poor connection when the lights are turned on and when the brake is applied. The manager called the parts shop to see if they had the part on hand.  He told us he will contact us when the part arrives.

We got on Highway 105 South to go to Conroe, TX for sightseeing and shopping.  We stopped at Fastenal on S. Frazier Street to get the stuff that I need for my iPhone tripod.  Then we cruised through historic Conroe downtown. 

Montgomery County Courthouse
Old Bus Depot Sign
Colorful mural on the side of a liquor store
I walked around several blocks while Erwin stayed in the car. There was Shepherd’s Barber Shop I took a peek of.  Leon, one of the barbers, told me to come inside and look around, which I did.  The building is over 100 years old and it received the first Montgomery County Historical marker. It is the oldest continuous operating barber shop in Montgomery County.  The building, owned by Bob Shepherd, was built in 1914 and in 1922 became a barber shop.  There is a checkerboard game in the waiting area.  
Shepher's Barber Shop
Enlarged business card signs on the ceiling
Getting' a clean shave!
We checked out Conroe Community Cemetery on Highway 105 and N. 10th Street.  It was said that the historic cemetery may be one of the oldest burial grounds.  It had graves dating back to the 1890’s.  The ground was very soft, difficult to walk on.  It was like a sponge and I had to carefully meander among the tombstones.  There were hundreds and hundreds of crawfish mounds.  

Crawfish Mounds
We had lunch at Fajita Jack’s Mexican Grill & Cantina off Highway 105 in Montgomery.  It has a nice water view patio on Lake Conroe, but we elected to dine inside because it was very windy at that time.  Erwin had steak quesadillas and I had crispy beef taco and chicken enchiladas.  After our lunch we went outside and walked up to where the “feed the fish” area is.  The machine for fish/duck food was jammed, so we were not able to feed the fish.  There were lots of carp there.  We drooled over fancy houseboats and pontoons that were docked.  You can buy a 1 bedroom houseboat for $99k. 
Lake Conroe
My lunch
Steak Quesadillas 
Hungry Carp
On our way back home we decided to check out “small/tiny” houses on display.  There were two models that we liked and one of them would cost around $39k.  In the back of the display the guys were working on a towable tiny house that is custom built for customers.  It was cute, but too tiny for us.
Tiny House custom-built for customers
While we were enroute to Lake Conroe KOA Erwin received a call from the manager at Rick’s Auto shop. The manager said the part for the Jeep's taillight should arrive around 3 pm and he will call again when it gets in.  It was past 5 pm and we had not heard back, so we will probably take the Jeep over tomorrow morning.
Patty texted to tell us to come on over for dinner with her and Paul.  Patty served appetizers along with wine.  Three different kinds of cheese were served: fresh Gorgonzola by Sartori, Triple Cream Champignon with mushrooms and KerryGold Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey.  All of them were mouthwatering.  Wine was delicious.
While the supper was being cooked Erwin worked on the puzzle for a while.
After supper we all sat down and chatted for about an hour and half. I started to feel tired and sleepy because I had two glasses of wine.  It was around 8:30 pm when we bid Patty and Paul good night.


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