Sunday, April 23, 2017

March 18, 2017 - Walden, The Woodlands & Montgomery, TX

It was very foggy when we were up.  Erwin had errands to do this morning while I stayed “home” to work on Arizona trip routes for next month.
Patty and Paul came by to pick us up to go look at lots and model homes.  They wanted to show us the lot that they really liked.  We went inside some houses that were not completely done.  Some of them had strange layouts and we were not impressed.  
Paul and Patty knew how much I love visiting cemeteries, so they took us to Historic Montgomery Memorial Cemetery.  The cemetery was established in 1863 and was apparently designated for blacks during the time of segregation.  There may have been 800 graves or more. Most of the tombstones were in good condition and there were a few that were illegible.   Not too many broken tombstones.  
We four went to Walden, a town north of Montgomery. Very nice development, great view of Lake Conroe.  
We were dropped off at KOA and we rested a while.  We were picked up again to go out to dinner with them at Local Pour in The Woodlands.  It is on the restaurant row near Hughes Landing Blvd.  

Local Pour is an upscale restaurant, has a bar and an open kitchen.   The atmosphere was relaxing and the decor was interesting.  
Erwin and I shared a plate of two pork chops with mashed potatoes and vegetables.  For dessert I got banana foster and Erwin went with peach cobbler with ice cream on top.  
Patty's treat
There is a walkway by Lake Woodlands.  Flowers and trees lined up along the way.  There were some sculptures.  We four took a leisurely stroll before we went back to the car at the parking garage.
Since it is our last night in Montgomery we thanked them for their hospitality.  We had a very enjoyable time with Patty and Paul during our stay in their town.

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