Thursday, April 20, 2017

March 15, 2017 - The Woodlands & Montgomery, TX

It was a very lovely morning and a perfect day for girls' outing.  Yesterday Patty suggested that we, just two of us, go shopping for the day. Patty came to pick me up and we went off to The Woodlands. Erwin stayed home to work on his woodburning project.  

I needed a new pair of walking shoes because the soles on my old shoes had little life left.  Patty took me to Fleet Feet on Hughes Landing Blvd.  I mentioned to the sales guy that I wanted Saucony shoes, and he led me to the section where there are different Saucony shoes to choose from.  After looking at few of them I decided to try on three pairs of shoes.  The first pair felt good and it felt like I was walking on downy feathers.  I tried on two more pairs, but I was not quite comfortable with them. I went back to try on the first pair again and I was sold. The guy asked me if I wanted the new pair back in the box, and I said yes. Patty told him not to and to put them on me and to leave the old shoes in the box, and he obliged.  
That is the new pair I bought
For lunch we had lunch at Salata in The Woodlands.  Salata serves fresh and healthy salads.  To order salad you pick what size bowl (large or small) you want, then you tell them what kind of lettuces you want.  Then you move down the line to where different toppings are. Again, you tell them what toppings you want on your salad. The last step is to add salad dressing (they have about 10 different dressings, BUT BUT they did not have blue cheese dressing!!! - not healthy to them). They also serve salad wraps.  
Patty and I each had a small sized salad bowl. We had a lovely time chatting while eating our lunches.  It was lucky that we got there before lunchtime because the line began to get longer and longer that some people had to stand outside before they could come in.  
Childhood friends!
Patty goofing around
Oh, while we the girls were having fun Paul came to pick Erwin up and they went out for lunch at Phil's Roadhouse & Grill at 14075 Liberty Street in Montgomery .  Erwin said their potato soup was the BEST he ever had!  After lunch the boys went back home and worked on the puzzle.
After lunch Patty and I went to The Woodlands Mall to browse/shop.  First, we went to Barnes and Noble Bookstore because Patty said they have insulated coffee cup that will work for Erwin, so we went in.  The bookstore had shelves and shelves of puzzles, and there was one that caught my eyes.  I had to have it, but I did not like the price. I was not sure if I should go ahead and buy it without discussing with Erwin, so I took a picture of the box and texted it to him.  He replied back and told me to go ahead and buy it.  I was very happy! I know Erwin and I will have fun working on this puzzle, but when will we work on it?  Maybe not until next winter when we snowbird somewhere for 2 months or longer.
I needed some new wardrobe, so Patty took me to two stores.  I came out from both stores with bags on both my hands! 
After Patty and I came back from shopping Erwin joined in with us, so Patty can drop us off at Rick's Auto shop.  Our Jeep had new brake pads, and three of the rotors were shaved. The fourth rotor had to be replaced.


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