Monday, April 3, 2017

February 28, 2017 - Panama City Beach, FL

WOW! The month of February went too fast!  Well, it is only 28 days, but still…

Another overcast morning!  Very windy, but it will not stop us from going out for the day.

I spent the morning cleaning up the grill that I used for BBQ chicken the other day.  Since we are invited to supper with Jasmine there is no need for the grill, so it needs to be cleaned up and put away.

Last night I wrote down four places to visit today.  A visit to the winery is one of them.  Will we leave the store with bottles of wine?  We shall see…

The sun finally shone and the clouds, not some but all disappeared!  It is going to be a nice day for sightseeing. Before going out of the state park we drove around inside the park to see what is happening. Great Blue Heron was watching the water for a long while, slowly moved its legs,finally snatched something out of the water. 
We like to sample wines at winery stores, and there is one on Thomas Drive. Panama City Beach Winery sells citrus, fruit and berry wines, gifts. It claimed that it is the only tropical winery in this county.  The guy, named Larry, was very knowledgable, explained to us how wines were made, made suggestions which wines for us to sample.  The #1 best selling fruit wine is Hurricane Class 5 Florida Sangria and it is a white sangria derived from a blend of 5 fruits.  We got to sample this one and it was good.  #2 best selling wine is Key Lime and is excellent for Margaritas!  We liked the flavor, also.  Then we sampled Orange Blossom Honey and Mango.  Both were sweet, but Erwin  did not like Mango.  After sampling fruit wines we went with Key Lime.  I also picked up cheeseball/dip packages and Erwin wanted the bread dip seasoning.
We thanked Larry for his time in explaining about wines and serving us wine samples.  If any one of you are going to visit Panama City Beach be sure to look up this winery place.
Larry, a great host, who did our wine tastings
We visited St. Andrews Marina at W. 10th Street and Bayview Ave.  We love looking at all kinds of boats at docks.  There was one cute houseboat that we thought might work for us if we ever decide to live on the water.  It turned out it is a floating cookhouse that is called Just the Cook.  It had a large sized menu with special entrees for the day.  Since it was already past lunch time we decided to order just one and we split it.
We went with Diver Down Burger with fried egg.  Oh man! I tell you it was VERY delicious!  Even though we split the burger I could not finish mine!  We each got a bag of Lay’s potato chips.  Erwin said he wished he had a full burger!  Too late…
We took a leisurely stroll along the dock admiring sailboats, yachts, boats, etc.  Some have interesting boat names; such as, Hook and Tale, Janet E, Aint this Cool, Bueno Bye.
We drove through the historic town of St. Andrews, made few stops for me to get out and get pictures.  
We went to Panama City Marina because there is a 9/11/01 Monument in honor of those who perished in the coordinated terrorist attacks by the al-Qaeda.  I was in Alexandria, VA on 9/11 and will never forget the moment when a plane, American Airlines Flight #77, flew by so close to the building I was working in.  At that time when my eyes locked on the white shining plane for a short while I did not know it was going toward the Pentagon.  Very scary day! 
We went back to St. Andrews State Park to rest a bit before meeting Jasmine, our step granddaughter, and her son, Sebastian for supper.  Jasmine suggested Runaway Island on Thomas Drive. It is right on the beach and a perfect setting for sunset photo shooting.  We agreed to meet there at 6 pm, but because the sunset was around 5:40 pm we got to the restaurant 15 minutes before.
The clouds decided to pull up a shade, but it was few minutes that the sun peered through.  There was no civil colors after the sunset.  I managed to get some good shots.  
It was good to see Jasmine and Seb.  Seb will be 4 years old coming May, is so cute.  He was shy when we were introduced to him. The last time we saw Jasmine and Seb was less than 4 years ago when we were at Jasmine's cousin's wedding.
We chose to dine inside cause it was too cool and breezy.  I had shrimp and grits and Erwin chose seafood platter.  
Seb got presents from us
Jasmine and Seb with us after dinner 
Tonight is our last night staying at St. Andrews State Park.  We will want to come another time and stay here much longer than 3 days.

Erwin worked on his woodburning project of our friends' dog, Hazel. 


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