Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March 3, 2017 - Holt, FL to Biloxi, MS

It was a very beautiful morning. Just perfect for our road trip out of Florida. 

After prepping the Lil’ Home (LH) we left Blackwater River State Park at 10 am.  After making some turns we finally got on I-10 West toward Pensacola, FL. 
We took Exit #7 to go to Tom Thumb gas/convenience store because Erwin wanted to check his Powerball tickets before leaving FL. If he has one winning ticket and is already out of FL he cannot cash it anywhere, but to come back to FL, so he wanted to be sure now. It turned out that the tickets were "losers".  😔

We made it to Alabama state line at 11 am. We had been staying in Florida since December 3, 2016. We won't be visiting Florida again until the winter of 2018. We are excited about snow birding in a different state this year.
Florida's "Thank you for visiting" Sign
The traffic going west was very good, and there was no congestion.  In Mobile, AL we took Exit #27 to get on 90/98 (Government Blvd) because of restrictions at Bankhead Tunnel. The height restriction is 12’ and our LH is 12’9".  Also, propane is not allowed inside the tunnel.
After crossing the 09/98 bridge we took I-165 South to get back on I-10 West. We arrived at Mississippi State line at 11:21 am. 

We had lunch at the welcome center in Moss Point, MS, went in the visitor's center to get information.  They had Mardi Gras exhibits, even included Elvis Presley with Mardi Gras Jeter hat.  
Oh.. Elvis Presley was one of my idols
when I was a teenager.
From I-10 West we got off at exit #69 to get on 63 South (scenic route), then to Highway 90 to Biloxi, MS.
Last year we dry camped at Golden Nuggets Casino, liked it so much that we decided to dry camp there again.  The parking lot is near the marina. There were already seven RVs parked around the lot when we arrived. Erwin found a perfect spot for our LH and the Jeep.
I took a walk along the seawall near the bridge and there was a guy without a shirt on playing the guitar.  We acknowledged each other, then asked him if it was okay for me to take pictures of him. He gladly obliged.
After a brief walk around the grounds we went inside the casino. We decided to get Players casino cards.  Both of us played slot machines for a short while.  
The largest gold nugget on public display
It weighs 875 troy ounces (61 lbs 11 oz)
After getting back to the LH we rest a bit before going off to Winn Dixie grocery store in D'Iberville, MS.  We were low on some food items.
After getting back from D'Iberville I decided to go out for sunset photo op, so I dropped Erwin with the grocery bags off. 

I was not sure which place would be ideal for sunset viewing.  Then I saw Biloxi Lighthouse in the middle of the traffic and there is a large parking lot at the beach, so I made a left turn to go in there.  
Biloxi Lighthouse
The South's first cast-iron lighthouse
was erected in 1848.  During Hurricane Katrina
1/3 of the 64 foot tower was filled with water
The sunset was not so great, but it gave nice colors after the sun went down.  I toyed with my new IPhone trying to use some apps for taking pictures.  I have so much to learn and play with.
Biloxi Lighthouse had the lights on.  I set up long exposure photography to catch the trailing lights from the passing vehicles. Exactly what is long exposure?  It involves using a long duration shutter speed to capture different images. 

Erwin had my supper warmed up when I was on way back to the casino parking lot. I was not in the mood to gamble tonight, so Erwin went by himself.


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