Sunday, December 4, 2016

September 3, 2016 - Anacortes, WA

The morning was good, perfect for our "move" from Swinomish Casino RV Park to the lot near Erwin's niece's residence. 
Cathy told us that she and Bob were going to bring their boat to the shop where Bob works at and to work on the boat they just picked up.  We were passing it by when we were on our way to settle our Lil' Home and saw that Cathy, Bob and Niko were working on the boat.

After settling our Lil' Home we went by the shop. While there Bob showed us how the painting process is done.  

Bob's boss was building a very cute trailer (all handmade).  It has portholes for windows!

Edith was very curious about Bob's job and asked him to show how the painting on vehicles is done.  There is a big enclosed painting room and Bob showed us how colors are picked and combined to match the existing color on a vehicle.
Color swatch
Canned paints
This computer does the job of picking out colors

We went to Ace Hardware in Anacortes to get a package of tarp for Niko's early birthday present. He loves spending time outdoors, built a tent out of Bob's tarp (supposedly used to cover a boat, but Niko  took it).  

Niko was thrilled with the tarp we gave him, quickly went outside and off he went in the forest.  We and Cathy waited a bit before we went in to see what Niko was up to.  He had already set up the tarp, had it over a rope that was tied to two trees. We were happy to see a big smile on his face.  We were invited to join him inside the tent.  It was cool!

Bob suggested that we go boating at Cornet Bay to check on crab pots. He was hoping the pot was filled up to the rim with Dungness crabs.  We, along with Niko, went to the boat ramp.  Bob had two crab pots soaked in the bay for about two days.  

Alas! The pot was not filled to the rim :-(  Only few of them... Bob could keep only three legal ones (good enough for Bob and I to eat).  Erwin does not care for crabs.  Crabbing brought back good memories for Edith because when she was a little girl she would go with her parents and brothers crabbing at Trout River in Jacksonville, FL.  She also remembered sitting on the kitchen floor covered with newspapers and cracking/eating crabs. 
These crabs are BIGGER than blue crabs found on the East Coast
Erwin and Edith holding the crabs!

Cathy also prepared a pot of spaghetti since crabs were not plentiful.  

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