Tuesday, December 27, 2016

September 15, 2016 - Penticton, BC

We had a lazy morning, but it was all good after three days of sightseeing and visiting wineries.  

The weather was, once again, another beautiful, gorgeous day.  Little warmer than it was yesterday, but still very pleasant according to softies, like us.

Around lunchtime Janice brought over leftover chicken pieces and tuna sandwiches. Edith fixed roasted dill flavored potatoes.  

After lunch Edith mentioned that she would like to visit Lakeview Cemetery. Janice wanted to join in, as she likes to visit cemeteries, as well. Edith was happy to know that there is someone else who is a cemetery afficianado like she is.

While the girls were away Wayne took a dip in the lake while Erwin read a book out on the beach.  

Lakeview Cemetery was an easy find.  The view of the mountains and the lake was beautiful.  There were many tombstones dating back to late 1800s.  Few steps away from Edith, Janice was videotaping some of the tombstones when Edith tried to get her attention after she took a picture of one tombstone.  She wanted Janice to take a look at it because it is her namesake.. LYONS.   Janice was completely surprised about it and was not sure if they were her relatives.  She texted her sister to find out.  There is a small burial site for the veterans.  

Veterans' Burial Site

After Edith and Janice got back to the campground, we four sat outside by the beach and relaxed for the afternoon.  We had Wayne and Janice over for supper.  We served chicken tenders over steamed spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce on top.

A quiet night and we four shared stories of the past.  

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