Sunday, December 4, 2016

September 4, 2016 - Anacortes, WA

We had a lazy morning, but we really needed the rest.  It was very foggy early in the morning, but dissipated by the time the sun finally peeked through the clouds.

We spent a while chatting with Cathy and Bob, discussed plans.  We told them we wanted to go to downtown Anacortes for the afternoon. On our way to downtown a herd of mule deer were crossing the country road, not too far from Cathy's.
Erwin spotted apple trees not too far from the Welcome Sign area, took a plastic bag along, picked apples.  They were surpisingly good.
We had lunch at Dad’s Diner on Commercial Ave.  It is ranked #2 out of 58 .  The dining room is not big, but was packed. They do have two or three tables outside.  We chose to sit at the L shaped bar. The chalkboard menu is on the wall.  Edith went with Tarpon Spring Greek Salad and Erwin chose Pulled BBQ Sandwich with steak fries.  The service was very slow, but we have to say the foods were fabulous.  There were people waiting in line for a vacant table when we left.
We strolled up and down the street, checking out some stores that were open.  Quite a lot of stores were closed because today was Sunday or because of Labor Day weekend. There are like over 150 murals throughout the town.  
We went to an area not too far from the Washington Ferry to check out one roadside attraction: Overgrown Ship Hulk. It was once a four masted wooden schooner that was built in 1917.  After being idle for so many years it was brought in to become a breakwater for the harbor.
Bob prepared burritos for supper and asked us over to eat with him and Cathy. Niko was still busy in the forest.   We chatted a long while before we went back to our Lil' Home.  

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