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September 12, 2016 - Surrey, BC to Penticton, BC

Another gorgeous morning and we were happy as a clam. Janice was loading stuff inside her travel trailer, realized there was something that needed attention.  Wayne told us to go ahead and leave for Penticton, BC. Wayne and Janice will catch up with us either on the road or at a campground in Penticton, BC.

We left Wayne's house at 9:30 am, were happy to leave the bigot behind. We got on Highway 99 South to Exit #4 then to 16th Ave East. There were lots of farmlands and hothouses along the route.  We did not realize until later that the road is heavily used by truckers; however, the traffic was good most of the way.  Speed limit is 60 km (35 mph). 
Route 16A 
See there are lots of trucks!
We then took a left turn to get on (road with mtns in bkg pic) then Fraser Highway (1A), went through the town of Alder Grove, BC.  Fraser Highway was joined with Trans Canada Highway 1 (Heritage Discovery).  Max speed limit is 110km (70 mph).

At first, we did not know what the mountain was and Edith suddenly realized it was Mt. Baker in Washington State.  It can be seen from the highway in British Columbia.  The view was not so clear.  There was some snow on the peaks.

We decided not to visit Bridal Viel Falls because we might have a hard time getting around at the parking lot with our Lil' Home and the tow car.  We will visit it next time if and when we camp out nearby.

The video is of driving on Highway 1, 23 miles before Hope, BC.  We pulled into a rest area for a short break and to fix snacks. 
We turned left from Highway 1 to get on Highway 3 (Crownest Highway).  There were many Lamborghini cars passing by at high speed.  It seemed like there was some kind of a race going on.  

Cute skin for trash cans

Before we left Wayne's house Wayne told us to be sure to stop at Hope Slide viewpoint in Hope, BC.  We pulled into the viewpoint, got out and walked about.  What happened was that on Saturday, January 9, 1965, an enormous landslide, caused by a minor earthquake, descended into the valley of the Nicole Creek, destroying about 3 km of the Hope-Princeton Highway.  The earth rock filled the valley bottom with debris 70 meters thick in places and completely buried Qutram Lake at the foot of the slide.  While we were walking about Wayne and Janice arrived with their travel trailer, met with us.  Wayne then explained a brief history of the occurrence.  Wayne and Edith were students at Gallaudet College (now Gallaudet University) when the slide happened. Erwin and Janice were still in school.

Earth rock from Hope Slide
Hope Slide
Our Lil' Home and Wayne & Janice's Teeny Tiny Travel Trailer at Hope Slide
Erwin wanted to tell Edith that Wayne & Janice just got here!
The four of us
The road became so twisty, but very interesting and beautiful.  We started to see more fall foliage on trees. A sign of the coming fall.

Wayne texted to let us know that Janice needs to take Spots out for a break and told us to follow them to Manning Park Resort.  It just happened that Lamborghini cars were lined up in the parking lot. Of course, there were gawkers lurking around taking pictures of the cars.  There was not much room for us to park the LH, so we just drove by, made a U-turn and got out.  
Lamborghinis lined up at a rest area

We got back on Highway 3 after leaving Manning Park Resort.  
Follow the leader...
Wayne and Janice have been on that route so many times
On the Meandering Road toward Penticton, BC
Fall colors were spotted in many places

Road Construction


There were few steep downhills at 7˚.  Even though, Erwin put the gear at low we could smell brake burns, but it was not so bad.

We followed Wayne and Janice to Hedley, BC, a historic mining community.  The town was named after Robert R. Hedley, the manager of the Hall Smelter. The mill opened in 1904 and the miners started flowing into the town.  The town thrived well with many of them making a fortune from gold.  Ore & copper were mined there, also.  When the gold, ore & copper were exhausted in 1955 the population shrieked from thousands to under 400.  
On way to Hedley, BC

Wayne and Janice liked to stop at Gerry's Fruit & Vegetable Stand in Keremeos, BC. It was a nice produce stand and had a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables from the area.  The folks running the stand are local farmers and will tell you which produce did well that season.

From Highway 3 we turned left to get on Highway 3A toward Penticton, BC.  The view was breathtaking as we got closer to Penticton.
We arrived Wright's Beach Camp RV Park on Highway 97 in Pentiction, BC (Wayne & Janice's favorite campground).  It is situated on Skaha Lake and there is a roped off area for swimming.  The office was closed when we were ready to check in, but we proceeded to park on vacant lots. We got site #28 and Wayne got site #38.  One night rate is $44 Canadian Dollars. We are camping here for 5 nights. After getting our rigs set up we were too tired to prepare supper.
Skaha Lake as seen from the campground
Our campsite with a great view of the lake
Wayne & Janice's trailer somewhere way over there

Wayne and Janice recommended to eat at one of their favorite dining places in Penticton downtown.  Salty's Beach House (ranked #7 out of 144)is on Lakeshore Drive W.  Very interesting nautical themed decor inside.  Even though there is covered outside seating we chose to to dine inside.  There is a nice view of Okanagan Lake.  All of us really enjoyed our dinner here. The service was fast and friendly. We thanked Wayne and Janice for their suggestion.
Sunset over Okanagan Lake

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