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September 10, 2016 - , Vancouver Squamish, Whistler, Horseshoe Bay & Surrey, BC

Just a perfect day for our day's outing.
Janice was all smiles about her namesake
Wayne suggested that we go visit several places on way to Whistler, BC.  We had been wanting to visit Whistler, so the plan sounded great.  Since today is Saturday Janice did not have to go to work, so she joined with us all.  And her deaf dog, Spots, came along.  The more the merrier.

 Approaching Lion's Gate Bridge
It is a suspension bridge that was opened in 1938
Wayne suggested that we stop at Cypress Provincial Park where we can get a good view of the Vancouver skyline and neighboring areas, as well.  The park is on the north shore of Vancouver, BC.  The southern section of the park has a ski area.  During Olympics 2010 Cypress Provincial Park hosted skiing, snowboarding, giant slalom events.  

The view of the Vancouver skyline was gorgeous.  It was amazing to see how BIG the city is.  Wayne said if time permits we could come back at nighttime to see the dazzling lights in the city.  Sounds good!
 Vancouver Skyline
Janice, Erwin & Wayne
The view was awesome as we continued driving along Highway 1.  Then Highway 1 became BC-99. 
 Bowyer Island
View from BC-99
Note that highway signs contain bi-language. It includes 
Tsilhqot'in language to honor Tsilhqot'in First Nation
We pulled into Porteau Cove, a provincial marine park, where we got out to go for a walk, to stretch our legs and to admire the scenery.  
Old Ferry Wharf that is no longer used for ferries because the road was built!
See how clear the water is
Janice & Spots
Two Kayakers
Seagull taking a break
Next stop was to visit Shannon Falls, 2 km south of Squamish along the Sea to Sky Highway.  Indeed a beautiful stop on one's way to Whistler, BC.  The access to view the falls is very easy for anyone. The 335 metres falls is composed of a series of cliffs, making it the third highest falls in British Columbia.  It was established in 1984. This is a must to see.
There was a wedding in progress we walked 
to the falls. We did not see the bride or groom
Shannon Falls

Wayne, Janie & Spots
Five of us!
We stopped at Tantalus Lookout, a scenic overlook to enjoy and admire the Tantalus mountain range. The view was amazing and spectacular! Great photo ops for Edith! 
Edith's handsome husband, Erwin!
Traffic started to back up as we were approaching Whistler, BC.  We thought it was because today was Saturday and everybody was out.  No, it turned out there was a bike race event going on.  
Agree with this?
Bicylists on the right side of the lane
This is Whistler, BC
Whistler, BC is a town north of Vancouver, BC .  Skiing is very popular in this town and there are several ski resorts.  It was also a venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Alpine skiing and snowboarding are popular during the winter months and, in summer, mountain biking.
After parking the car we walked to the town center and were surrounded by chalet-style buildings.  There are stores and restaurants all around.  There were lots of colorful flowers everywhere!
We had to take a picture of where Wayne's
car was parked, so we won't have to look everywhere 
when we get back
Welcome Figure Scuplture
It was carved in 2012 and installed in January 2013
Spots meeting a new friend
Mountain biking
Chalet-style condo
Bikers waiting in line to get a ride to the top
There is a lift that will transport bikes 
Then there is a lift to carry bikers 
We were hungry, checked out several restaurants throughout the area, decided to try Longhorn Saloon.  Since pets were not allowed inside the premises Janice asked the hostess if it was okay to get a dining table outside near the perimeter and Spots can sit by it.  The hostess said it was not a problem.  She even brought a bowl of water for Spots to drink. The tables in the patio area were crowded that it was hard to get through to the table.  
Wayne decided to crawl under the bar table rather than
fight through the crowd of people!
NOW,  Wayne realizes that he is not as limber as he used to be
and looks like he wishes he had chosen to fight the crowd instead!
(Janice is taking a picture of him to memorialize the event!)
Spots resting next to Janice
After lunch we took a leisurely stroll all around, checked out some stores, bought handmade chocolate candies.  
We would love to stay at Whistler much longer, but it was time to leave.  We shall come visit Whistler another time, perhaps stay 2-3 days to fully explore the town.

On way back home we pulled into Tantalus Lookout viewpoint again.  The sunset was absolutely beautiful and Edith took hundreds of pictures! There were lots of people there admiring the mountain range and the sunset. 
Wayne wanted to take us to one of his favorite dining places in Horseshoe Bay, BC. Troll's Fish & Chips is a family owned and operated.  One of the best fish & chips restaurants.  It was opened in 1946. Wayne said that when he was young he used to come here often with his family.  The atomsphere was interesting, had lots of framed caricatures on the wall. Yes, the fish and chips were delicious!
Last stop was to go back to Cypress Provincial Park to get a night view of the skyline in Vancouver.  It was beautiful!
We arrived back home very tired, but enjoyed every minute of our outing with Wayne, Janice and Spots.

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