Wednesday, December 21, 2016

September 13, 2016 - Oliver, Oyosoos,Okangan Falls & Penticton,BC

This morning the weather was great. Wayne and Janice came over to our campsite, joined in for coffee chat before we all went out for sightseeing.

Wayne had already planned on showing us several wineries and vineyards. He wanted us to go to Oliver, the wine capital of Canada, and Oyosoos, the southern-most town in the Okanagan Valley,

On our way to Oliver, BC the surroundings were beautiful and breathtaking.  Lots of vineyards and so many wineries one can visit.  In the town of Oliver there isn't much to see or do that is not pertained to wine making.

We arrived the town of Osoyoos, BC. It is not too far from the United States border in Washington state. It is between Penticton and Omak, WA. 

We spotted a white van that was parked at BC Visitor Center parking lot in Oyosoos, BC.  Wayne decided to pull into the parking lot to take a look at it.  There was no information as to why the van was decorated that way and for what purpose.  We have to say that it was very unusual and interesting. A conversation piece, that's for sure.
Information sign showing winery locations
Map of Oyosoos, BC
Wayne wanted us to visit Spotted Lake that is located in the northwest part of Osoyoos.   At our first glance we thought they were giant lily pads, but no, they were not.  Wayne gave a brief talk about it.  It was fantastic to see this unusual lake.  It was fenced off, so we cannot walk down to it. The water evaporates during the summer months leaving the spots of salt and other minerals that create colors. The signage, posted by the road, explained that it is a sacred ground/medicine lake for the Okangan Syilx people. 
We went back to the town of Osoyoos, went to Veterans Memorial Park where there is a memorial fountain that was built by a local resident in 2000.  There is a nice walkway along the Osoyoos Lake.
Memorial Fountain
designed and constructed by John Zupan
Oyosoos Lake
Memorial Bench in honor of loved ones
Kaykaing together
We went outside of Osoyoos town center to go up to the top of the mountains for a viewpoint of the town, Osoyoos Lake and the mountains.  We can see the town,Oroville, in United States.  Osoyoos Lake is also shared by Washington state. Gorgeous view!
Great view of Oyosoos

We then went to Nk'Mip Resort and Cellars.  It is the first aboriginal owned and operated In North America.  It is located on First Nations reserve land.  We were impressed with the surroundings.  There were metal sculptures all around.  The interior at the winery was impressive; very open and bright.  First two samples are complimentary. 

Waiting for wine samples
They must have been so thirsty!
Beautiful stained glass

On way out from Ni'Kmp Winery we made several stops to check out interesting spots

Abandoned Fruit Stand
Turtle Crossing sign

Decrepit Wood Barn
Abandoned Wooden House
Next winery stop was at Burrowing Owl Estates Winery in Oliver, BC. The founder, Jim Wyse liked the site, he saw the potential of this unique land. In 1993, under the direction of veteran vineyard specialists Richard and Robert Goltz, Jim began to replant the vineyard with the very best European vines.  His vision was to supply world-class grapes to Okanagan wineries, who soon clamored for more, more and more. It has a beautiful overlook. Very scenic. There is a hotel guests can stay at. Be sure to look it up when you are visiting Oyosoos, BC.

The place was packed and we had to wait for our turns to sample wines
The outdoor pool looked very inviting!
Large acreage of grape vines
Looks so luscious
Next stop was to visit Desert Hills Estate Winery in Oliver, BC.  It has 5 separate vineyards and 85 acres and is family owned and operated.  Wine sampling is offered through donation.  Out in the front of the store is a resident dog (Mastiff) that just slept through the whole time Edith took picture of it.  We sampled two wines (Gew├╝rztraminer and Pinot Gris), We did not care for their taste. 

The resident dog that slept in front of the store entrance
Final stop was to check out See Ya Later Ranch.  It is located outside of the town of Okanagan Falls in an atmosphere of Old World timelessness. There is a tasting room and wine shop in the well-restored stone home that was built in early 1900's.  There is a patio area that offers visitors a place to relax and enjoy the spectacular view of the vineyard.  The wine shop is open all year round.  The winery produces premium varietals that include Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Meritage, Semillon, Icewine and a classical method Brut. We sampled a couple and bought one bottle of wine.
Restored Stone House that was built in early 1900
Vintage Phonographer
Spectacular view of the vineyard and beyond

We had lots of fun checking out wineries with Wayne and Janice. We would have loved to check out more, but it was getting close to the evening. Time to go back to the campground to rest a bit before suppertime.

Wayne and Janice came over and had steak supper with us.  Of course, we all had a glass of wine!  We chatted until everyone of us started to yawn.  Before saying goodnight Wayne quickly discussed about tomorrow's outing.  Of course, more winery tours/samples!


  1. AWESOME, I laughed at one photo as you said that we were so thirsty. Very good job! WOW

    1. Ha ha.. That was what it looked like... Thanks!