Saturday, October 8, 2016

September 2, 2016 - Anacortes, WA

Apparently it rained all night while we slept. The sky was very dark and cloudy when we got up.  We had to hurry and get dressed to go to Salish Sea School for the Deaf.

Erwin’s niece, Cathy, asked us if we could do her a favor by giving our presentations on our backgrounds, skills, travel stories to deaf students and we gladly obliged.  
There were 7 students with 2 students absent today.  Edith started with her presentation first. She told the students about photography and showed them some pictures taken during the trip.  The students asked lots of questions.  They wanted to know how long our Lil’ Home was and if there was a kitchen, a bathroom and a bed.  They were hoping we could bring LH to show them, but there was no way we could do that.  Then Erwin explained about woodburning, showed them his works.  He also set up woodburning and showed the students how to burn watercolor paper.  One student mentioned that the burn smelled like a toasted marshmallow. 

Photos taken by Cathy
Erwin showing his woodworking stuff
Edith telling students about photography
Both of us enjoyed telling our stories to the students and few of them commented that they would love to be able to travel like us someday.

We stopped at Safeway to buy groceries. We were getting low on fresh vegetables, poultry ad a case of water. 

When we got back to the RV park lots of RVs had already left.  During our lunch more RVs checked in, but we did not know if the RV park was going to be full for this weekend.

Edith spent the afternoon reorganizing pictures taken during the month of August, also edited August 13 travel blog.  While she was at it Erwin decided to play Pai Gow Poker at the casino. He started with $80 and ended up with $350.  With his first hand he got straight flush and was paid handsomely.

More and more RVs showed up late in the afternoon. Almost all of them were from British Columbia, Canada.  Some RVs had to be turned away; however, there is an overflow parking next to the RV park.  It is free, but has no hookups.

After supper we drove to Mount Vernon, WA to meet local deaf people at Whibey Coffee Shop, but when we got to the parking lot they were already leaving the coffee shop.  However, they stopped to make acquaintance with us and talked a while.  Some of them had already knew about us through Erwin’s two nieces.  After they all left for home we stopped at Starbucks to get drinks, then headed back to the RV Park.

On way back the clouds were of different shapes and colors.  Some so dramatic, there was even a short rainbow.  Edith did not bring her DSLR camera, but took some with an old IPhone.

Erwin wanted to play Pai Gow Poker again, but Edith wanted to work on the blog.  About an hour later he came back breaking even.  

We have so much to do to get things organized for tomorrow morning when we check out of the RV Park.

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