Friday, December 16, 2016

September 11, 2016 - Vancouver, Richmond & Surrey, BC

Today was the last day for us to go explore a bit more in and around Vancouver, BC.  There was one more place Wayne thought we should go visit since the weather was just perfect.
Wayne took us to visit Vancouver's most beautiful park, Queen Elizabeth Park because there is no admission fee, and it is a great spot for photography.  It is a 130 acre municipal park on Little Mountain.  It is a popular place for wedding, engagement, maternity photo ops. It is the highest point in Vancouver area, which gives one a spectacular view of the city and the mountains on the North Shore.  There is a Bioedel Conservatory, but we did not go inside.  There were so many different species of flowers, plants & trees. We three had a very nice and lovely stroll through the park.  We cannot began to tell you how beautiful, colorful, vibrant it was throughout the area.
Bioedel Conservatory
It has three climate controlled habitats (a tropical rainforest, a
subtropical rainforest and a desert.
Beautiful view of the city and the mountains

Erwin's Fig Leaf!
Maternity photo session
Engagement photo session
The Lions Clock
It was established in 1991 and was restored in 2010.
It was designed and built by Landmark Clocks
International in Vancouver, BC
There was a wedding going on inside the park, but we did not see it.
Bride & Groom Bears on the car hood
Edith told Wayne that she would like to go to Costco to pick up more memory cards for her cameras. There was one on Bridgeport Road in Richmond, BC. Not too far from Costco, across the Fraser River, is Vancouver International Airport.  There were lots of planes buzzing by so low.  
It was so hard finding a parking spot at Costco. It was PACKED!  Wayne managed to find one, but it was a long walk to the store.  Once inside the store it was PACKED!  Carts were bumping into each other!  After Edith got the memory cards she wanted we looked around to see what else might interest us. They did not have the GPS that we had been looking for for our Lil' Home (LH).  It did not take long at the checkout (we were surprised).

Back home and Wayne excused himself to go take a nap.  After all, this guy had been busy driving us around for few days.  While Wayne was napping Janice and Edith were in the kitchen chatting when Janice's daughter ran in and frantically told them that the bylaws officer had just left after slapping a bright yellow warning ticket on the windshield of our LH. WHY???
Of course, we were angry and pointed fingers at one neighbor, who we think is a bigot.  The neighbor had his house on the market, and apparently wanted our LH out of the way to make the area more appealing.  The real estate broker, while standing by his car, kept looking at us, then made a gesture to Edith by signing "crazy".  Very unprofessional of Scott!  Edith's blood pressure almost went out of control!
Wayne explained that Surrey by-laws' definition of highway is every road, street, roadway, boulevard, laneway, walkway, pathway, bridge, viaduct, road allowance, or any other way used by or intended for use by the public. The by-laws stated that no person shall park a vehicle anywhere for more than 72 hours continuously.  Well, what the neighbor did not know was that we took our LH off the street Thursday to have service work on the leveling jack.  Therefore, we had not parked there for 72 hours yet.

After cooling down our temper and anger we discussed Wayne and Janice about following them with their travel trailer to Penticton tomorrow  We are going to camp for 5 days and visit several wineries. Starting tomorrow we won't have to worry about dealing with that darn bigot!

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