Sunday, December 11, 2016

September 8, 2016 - Surrey, BC, Canada

The sun was trying so hard to peek through the very thick, stormy clouds.  The temperature was in high 50’s.  Erwin picked up his IPhone and there was a message with an attachment from Wayne.

Last night Wayne asked us how we pronounce ‘salmon’ and after we told him how we pronounce it.  Wayne replied back that we did not say it correctly because we pronounced it with ‘l’. Well, he included an attachment explaining how to correctly pronounce it.  Of course, we got a chuckle out of it.  No big deal for us!

After light breakfast and coffee Edith rode with Wayne in his car while following Erwin, who drove the Lil' Home to Traveland RV in Langley, BC.  After dropping the LH at the service center we three went out for sightseeing. Wayne had some places he wanted us to visit.
First stop was to visit the Redwood Park in south Surrey, BC. Redwood Park is large beautiful forested park.  Back in about 1893 David Brown, one of the early pioneers, gave the property to his DEAF twin sons, David and Peter, on their 21st birthday.   The twin brothers started planting 32 different species of trees from around the word, including seedlings from Redwoods.  David and Peter were much interested in evergreens that they began to collect seedlings from Russia, Austria, Japan, France and many other countries.  While living at the park they decided to build a two-story treehouse to live in.  The treehouse was rebuilt several times because of fires.  Later, they donated the park to the City of Surrey.  The existing treehouse is not original. We took a stroll among the forest for about an hour or so.  It was very beautiful and there were not too many tourists there.

There are over 50 different native and exotic species of trees, as well as five towering groves in this tree-lover's paradise.  There is Giant Sequoia, the whimsical Monkey Puzzle, Wych Elm, Katsura and ancient Dawn Redwood. There are picnic shelters and tables, also a playground fun for everyone.
Story about DEAF twin brothers, David and Peter
This is a water fountain
Different creatures around the fountain
Paper Birch Tree
Erwin and Wayne taking a stroll 
The treetop was closed and locked off
Erwin was asked by a Russian family to take pictures
Giant Redwood... Guess how wide it is? 
Take a look at the picture below
Roadside Attractions on our way out of Redwood Park and on way to Point Roberts, WA, USA
Wayne wanted to take us to USA soil, so he can show us the border between USA and Canada that was established as the 49th parallel. Point Roberts, WA is an unincorporated community in Whatcom County. There is a post office and has a population of about 1,300.  
On way to Point Roberts
Approaching USA-Canada Border
The 49th parallel landmark

Ferry Service leaving from BC for Victoria
There is a fence alongside the border
The house is in Canada!

From there Wayne took us to Lighthouse Marine Park in Point Roberts, WA to take a look around.
On way back to Surrey, BC from Point Roberts, WA Wayne spotted an unusual flag and we all thought it was cool!
After getting back to Surrey we went straight to Traveland RV to pick up our Lil' Home.  After getting back to Wayne's place Wayne suggested that we go out for supper at Montana Cookhouse. He commented that the foods are good there.  After Janice got back from work we went off.

It was not crowded at Montana Cookhouse and we were seated at a table promptly.  We all enjoyed our meals.  We had a good long chat and filled Janice in with the events of the day's outing.

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