Tuesday, December 6, 2016

September 6, 2016 - Burlington, WA & Anacortes, WA

It was our last day at Cathy's place and we were ready to get our Lil' Home on the road going north to British Columbia, Canada.
When Edith pulled up the shade on the passenger side she was surprised to see a note left by Cathy, Bob, Niko and Tim.  How sweet of them to leave a note and to tell us they love us and to travel safe. Very touching!

Erwin was ready to extract leveling jacks (used to stabilize the motorhome while parked). Unfortunately, one of the leveling jacks quit functioning.  It would not extract all the way.  We tried different methods of retracting/extracting, but to no avail. Edith googled to see if there was a trick we could use to make it work. Nothing! 
Cathy and Bob had already left for work and there was no one around to ask for assistance.  Edith decided to contact one of RV service centers to see if any one of them was available to come at a short notice. The first one said they did not have any time slots available, so Edith tried the second one.  They told us they can send someone over in a short while. Whew!

We waited for like 45 minute before a guy riding in a stepvan drove in, stepped out, took a look at the "handicapped" leveling jack.  With tools on hand he tried to get it to extract, but it would not.  He came out and told Erwin that the only way we could get our Lil' Home on the road was to remove the leveling jack. "How long will that take?", we asked him.  "It should be less than 15 minutes", he replied.  We told him to go ahead and do it.  
After few whacks and turns the mechanic finally got the leveling jack out of the housing, placed it in the back of the Jeep.
It was about 3 hours before we were finally able to hit the road.  However, we decided to stop at Camping World in Burlington, WA to see if they have any available time slot to take the LH in for check-up.  Nope, they were full.  
Because it was already getting so late in the afternoon we decided not to continue driving to British Columbia, Canada.  We went to Swinomish Casino RV Park, parked at an overflow parking lot, spent the night there.

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