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September 7, 2016 - Anacortes, WA to Surrey, BC, Canada

It was all grey outside with lots of thick clouds, some light grey and some so dark grey.  At least it did not rain during the night while we slept.

Since we were up at 7 am it was too early to leave Swinomish Casino RV Park to go to Camping World, which opened at 10 am.  Edith spent the time editing pictures and post for our blog, while Erwin got the Lil' Home prepped.  

It was nearly 9:30 am when we got ready to leave the RV Park. We went in separate vehicles because the brake/signal lights did not work when the Jeep is towed to the Lil’ Home (LH). Edith went to get gas fill-up for the Jeep because gas prices in Canada are high.  Erwin went straight to Camping World in Burlington, WA and waited for Edith's arrival.

We went to see Jason at the parts/service department at Camping World to find out if he got the information on leveling jacks from Atwood Co.  Not much information to share and Jason suggested that we contact Atwood and Newmar Corp.  We will do that when we get back to Montana in 3 weeks.  While there we mentioned to Jason that the brake/signal lights on the Jeep did not work.  He suggested to buy a can of battery cleaner, spray it on the tow connectors.  $6.43 for a can and it did not work.  We went back inside and told Jason about the problem.  He came out with us to check the connectors, tried to wiggle it, cleaned it, but nothing worked. He called a mechanic over and he tested the wiring connector.  He found that the LH wirings were bad and needed to be replaced.  Uh oh!!! However, much to our relief, they were able to take our LH in for the service and said it might take no more than 2 hours.  While the LH was being worked on Edith spent time checking emails, FB messages, etc in the lounge area while Erwin read a book.

It was around 12:30 pm when they told us the LH and the Jeep are ready to hit the road.  It turned out that the fuse and the wirings were defective and replaced.  They waived the 2nd hour of labor, let us pay for just one hr of labor plus parts.  Whew! After paying for the service we were all smiles when we saw that the brake/signal lights were working beautifully.  Now we can relax when on the road without worrying about vehicles behind us crashing into the Jeep.

We finally left Camping World at 1 pm, got on I-5 N for Surrey, BC Canada.  The weather looked very bleak. 

It was around 3:15 pm when we were few miles away from USA-Canada border.  There were three vehicles in front of us, but it took less than 8 minutes before it was our turn at the booth. The border agent asked us some questions and after giving our answers we were given permission to enter Canada.
Billboard Lead Pencil Studio at Blaine's Peace Arch Border
The Peace Arch
Approaching Canada Border
The route from the border to Surrey, British Columbia was easy and without hassles.  We were on way to visit our dear friend, Wayne and his girlfriend, Janice.  
Before we got to Wayne's place he told us that we could park our Lil' Home on the street next to his house.  However, there was a restriction that we could park there no more than 72 consecutive hours.  We thought that should be okay for us.
Wayne mentioned that he looked up on the internet and found Newmar RV dealer/service center in Langley, BC, suggested that we go with him to talk to the service department about the "handicapped" leveling jack that we had trouble with yesterday.

Traveland RV Supercentre is one of Western Canada's largest multi-location RV supercentres with locations in Langley, BC, Kelowna, BC and Airdrie, Alberta. At first, the service department was not going to check the leveling jack because we did not buy our motorhome from them.  However, we mentioned that since they are authorized to sell/service Newmar motorhomes they should be able to work on our Newmar motorhome.  After talking to the manager of the service department they agreed to look into and fix the leveling jack.  We then asked if there was any way they could quickly check to see if the jack is still good or not. After a quick test they told us that the jack was working just fine.  They suggested that we bring our LH in tomorrow and they will re-install the jack in the housing.  We had a 9 am appointment.  We left the center feeling very relieved.
Since we had plenty of time before getting back to Wayne's house for supper Wayne suggested that we go visit White Rock, BC.  The city was named for a distinctive large white boulder on its beach near the promenade. 
Erwin and Wayne 
White Rock Pier
See the white rock on the right side
It almost reminded us of hilly streets of San Francisco, CA
Janice was already home when we got back from sightseeing.  After supper we four spent the night chatting our heads off.  Since Janice has to go to work tomorrow we discussed with Wayne about the next day's plan.

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