Monday, December 5, 2016

September 5, 2016 - Mount Vernon, WA, Bellingham, WA & Anacortes, WA

After our quick breakfast we left Anacortes, WA to go pick Sheila up in Mount Vernon, WA.  Sheila wanted to go with us for sightseeing in Chuckanut area and Bellingham, WA for the day.

First stop was to visit Mount Vernon downtown.  Sheila informed Edith that there are metal sculptures at the riverwalk, so we went there, took a brief walk along the walkway.
From Mount Vernon we went north to get on WA 11 (Chuckanut Scenic route). Along the way we made several stops for photoshooting, sightseeing, exploring, etc..  We took time out to visit one lovely gallery/garden, Chuckanut Bay Gallery & Sculpture Garden.  The place was fantastic and the garden was beautifully laid out with different sculptures, decors and flowers.  While we were there we asked the sales lady about waterfall in Bellingham, WA.  Sheila said she had heard about it from a friend, but did not know where to find it.  The lady pulled out a map, showed us the route to get to Whatcom Falls Park. "Not too far from here", the lady said.
On way to Whatcom Falls Park we spotted a deer grazing along the side.  There were several maintained walkways and we took one that led us to see the waterfall from the bridge.  From there we took Lower Gorge trail (1/3 of a mile from the main railway).  It was a very lovely, leisurely walk.  
On way back to Anacortes we three were hungry and Sheila suggested that we stop at Haggen Market Street Cafe to get late lunch.
We dropped Sheila off at Cathy's place, followed Bob and Niko to Cornet Bay to pick up crab pots.  It was the last day of crabbing season.

We were disappointed that there were only two legal crabs to keep.  Bob called Cathy ahead to let her know that there were not enough crabs for everyone and for her to prepare another meal.

Because there were only two crabs Bob and Edith were the only ones eating them. 

Cathy and Bob's son, Niko, was having fun with his tent out in the forest.  He had already cut out holes for "windows", he used ropes to hang tarp over. He even invited all of us to sit inside the tent with him for a short while.
Erwin presented Tim a birthday/graduation/etc gift with a psaltery instrument that Erwin no longer can hear because of his declining hearing loss.  Knowing that Tim has love for music Erwin wanted Tim to have it. Of course, Tim did not expect it and was very surprised.

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