Saturday, October 18, 2014

September 19, 2014 (9th Day) Bahia Honda Key, FL

We were going to check out of Bahia Honda and be on way back home, but we enjoyed our time here. We went back to the ranger station and asked if there is any available ocean view site that we can move to for one more night.  The ranger looked it up on the computer and said "Yes, there is one left".  We quickly paid for it, went back to site #8,  gathered everything, moved the camper van to site #14.  What a better view!  

We moved to campsite #14 right on the water.

We wanted to take a break from sightseeing and exploring by staying here for the day.  We just wanted to do some fishing.  We gathered our fishing stuff, biked over to the jetty near the tent site area and spent few hours there.  Although we did not catch big fishes, but we got enough for our supper. That was what we really needed: a lazy, relaxing day

We fished right here on this ledge, we could see fish swimming
just below and that made it very interesting to
watch them steal bait and finally some of them got caught!

The fish said "Throw me back in the water"
Erwin cooking surf & turf (Yes, he can cook when he wants to)
Fish & Ribeye Steak
Enjoying the quiet time by the water
Great Blue Heron
It found a fish carcass that was discarded by anglers
We did not think it was able to swallow it whole
BUT it did!!!  (after 10-15 mins)

We got to watch all this happening!  Awesome!

Miles Driven: 1/4 of a Mile

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