Tuesday, October 7, 2014

July 30, 2014 (100th Day)

Tim Horton's was open, the sun was already out, clouds were floating by when we were up at 6:40 am. Another camper van was parked near us. 

We left for Miramichi via Route 11, crossed the bridge (construction going on), got off for Rue Church Street to check out St. Michael's Bascillia, but it was closed. The exterior was beautiful.

On Route 11 between Miramichi and Richibucto the area was very wooded, not scenic but it was a nice drive.  Lots of moose warning signs, but we have yet to see one!

We arrived Richibucto around 9 am, checked out Main St, checked out wharf and marina, but nothing else worth seeing. We got back on 134 to go see a lighthouse in Richibucto Village.

Turned left for 505 from Rexton to go to Cap-Lumiere. We picked up fresh carrots and peas at The Pumpkin Lady near Rexton, NB.

Few miles down the road from the produce stand we turned left to go to see Richibucto Head Lighthouse at Gulf of St. Lawrence.  Lots of chimney swifts, tree swallows or barn swallows flying around.  Saw three ospreys, one dived in the water and got fish.  Seagulls were very big, bigger than those at Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Now on 505 (Acadian Coastal Drive). Very bumpy route, turned to 475 to check out the winery -  Chez Les Maury Vins de l'Acadie.  We walked inside the store and the lady suggested that we take a tour of the vineyard, then come back to sample wines, so off we went to take a walk around the vineyard. It had different varieties of grapes, elderberries, and red/black currants. We then walked back to the store and the lady offered sample wines for us to taste.  We liked elderberry wine and bought one bottle ($11 Canadian dollars). It is a dessert wine.

Chicken on a log by the store 


Black currants
Red currants 
This German lady was harvesting berries
for the winery.  She was planning on working there for 2 weeks

Sampling wine 

Not too far from the winery where we bought a bottle of wine is an interesting attraction called WoodChuck's Carvings/Antiques &  What Knots in Bouctouche Bay, NB. We met the carver named Charles Bernard.  He led us on a tour and told us stories behind each carving he did.  What a character he was!  He told us a story of his mom pelting him with a stiff strap when he was 7 years old and kept instilling in his mind that the Devil had the ring to his nose and would drag him to Hell.  He believed her and joined Hell's Angel gang, ended up in jail a few times, did many wrongs. He also told us a story of how he hid a small hacksaw in his sock before visiting his brother in the jail, then slipped it to him. Eventually his brother got out of jail.

We had a nice lunch at a rotary park next to the visitor's center in Bouctouche, NB.  The weather felt nice and it was breezy.

We stayed on Acadian Coastal Drive the rest of the way. At one place there were lots of Acadian Festival themed decor.

While Edith was walking back to the van something flew by above her and she looked up to see what it was. Lo behold! A beautiful eagle perching on a branch not too far from the lawn decor.

In Shediac, NB there is a world's largest lobster statue.  So many people were around it that it was hard to take a picture of it without tourists there.  As soon as Edith finished taking pictures there came two busloads of tourists. Whew! 

From Shediac, NB we stayed on Route 15 until we met Trans Canada 16 which led us to Confederation Bridge (toll bridge between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island). There was no toll going to Prince Edward Island (PEI), but if you are coming to NB from PEI it will be $45.

GPS showed that our van is on the water! Miracle?
Safe landing on PEI at 3:40 pm

Welcome sign
Edith cannot wait to get a bite of cooked lobster :-)
Very true!

After driving around Borden-Carlton townsite we found Borden-Carleton KOA off Trans Canada Highway 1 for one night. A very nice campground.

While resting for the night Edith texted our friends, Karen and Tom to find out where they are and to see if we could meet together the next day. We did not know that Karen and Tom were traveling in NB until Karen commented about it on Facebook, so that was how we knew where they were going to be in PEI next.

It started to drizzle a bit, but we were comfortable inside the camper van.

Nice colors on first night in PEI

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