Tuesday, October 14, 2014

September 12, 2014 (2nd Day) St Augustine Beach, FL - Fort Pierce, FL

St. Augustine Beach, FL - Fort Pierce, FL

Edith missed the sunset by 10 minutes.  The alarm went off, but the time was not set properly.  We went by the Island Cafe/Playground to look for ospreys perched on bare trees, but none were seen.  We checked several areas, but nothing exciting to take pictures of, so we left the campground at 8:50 am.  

St. Augustine Lighthouse as seen from the state park
This is the first lighthouse Edith saw as a child
Windswept trees
Anastasia Island State Park

We took Route 312 to cross the bridge to US 1. There was a pond on the right side at the end of the bridge and there were seven egrets, but all of them were inside the enclosed area.

We stopped by to visit our college classmate, Donna and spent two hours catching up on news.  She shared her story about her recent trip to Alaska with a friend.  It was good to see her once again.

We chose to stay on US 1, were planning on staying on the route all the way to Fort Pierce, but we realized that we may not make it to Fort Pierce before 5 pm.  We got on I-95 where it intersected with US 1.

At the spur of moment Erwin mentioned about having lunch at one of our favorite seafood dining places in Titusville, so we detoured to State Road 406.  The place was not crowded, even though they gave us a vibrating pager.  It was less than 3 minutes before we were paged that the table was ready for us.  There was a good deal on Cape Canaveral Special, consisiting of 2 dozen rock shrimp, 1 dozen broiled shrimp and scallops ( Edith didn't care for scallops, so she gets extra rock shrimp) for $33 99. One order for both of us and we split.. Their hush puppies are to die for!  Second round of them!  Lunch was just perfect for our appetites.  While dining Erwin got a call from Fort Pierce KOA checking to see what time we are expected to check in. The office informed him that the office was closing at 3 pm and we figured we would arrive around 4.  An envelope with campsite information will be taped to the office door, they mentioned.  We did not order any dessert :-)

There are fishes and turtles in the pond at the restaurant and there is a tray of cups filled with fish food.  Take one and go outside and feed the fishes.

We went back to I-95. It rained briefly.  There were groups of motorcyclists going south.

It drizzled on and off even when the sun was shining through thick clouds.

Oh Oh.. It was so boring to be driving on the interstate! Florida East Coast does not have many backroads along I-95.  There are only 2 main roads besides I-95: A1A and US 1 and we have already driven on each of them several times in the past.

Now we were on way to Fort Pierce KOA Campground via Exit 138 from I-95 and to Indrio Road (FL-614) then right on US 1 South.  Oops, we missed the entrance to the campground and had to go a good long way before making u-turn.  While enroute to KOA via Old Dixie Highway we saw a boat sticking out of a building.

Fort Pierce KOA Campground is not as big as other KOAs we have stayed at in other places, but it was convenient to the beach and to downtown.  Even though the office was closed the manager was on site and he led us to our campsite that was near the bathhouse.  Wifi was available, but one has to be within yards of the office.  After checking the premises we left to go to Publix that is next door to the campground to pick up groceries.

After putting groceries away we had enough time to kill before coming back to fix supper we headed to Fort Pierce Marina & Park to stroll around. Few sculptures and a chance to sit down and enjoy the breeze.  Some people were fishing.  There were lots of egrets, blue herons and seagulls.


Near the yacht club we saw lots of catfish and sheepshead swimming by the seawall.  We went by Manatee Center and Seven Gables. It was a very nice walk.


Now we are back to the campground and we both were not so hungry.  Instead of fixing a meal we settled on a piece of the apple strudel that we picked up at Publix earlier today.

The sunset was not at all spectacular, but the cloud formations/colors were interesting.

Erwin spent the night reading a book while Edith worked on transferring and archiving pictures from SD card to external hard drive.  It was a peaceful night.

Miles Driven: 208


  1. Hi Dawn... Yes, our favorite, too.. Wish it was not so far away from Jax :-)