Friday, October 10, 2014

August 8, 2014 (109th Day)

The clouds were almost black. It was 58˚.  Erwin went to the bathhouse first to take a shower while Edith tidied up a bit and to get a fresh change of clothes, then she went to the bathhouse.  When she came out it was raining hard, but her knight in shining armour stood there with an umbrella.  Sweet!!!

The view from our Van

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse is the easternmost point of the contingent U.S. (wiki). The first lighthouse was erected in 1808 and this present one was built in 1858.  It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is not open for touring except Sundays.  Only the museum and gift shop were open.  Seals were swimming in the ocean. A very rocky beach.  We could see Canada across the ocean.

Lubec, ME is the easternmost town in the contiguous US. (wiki).  The population is around 1,300. We could not decide where to eat for lunch yet and we walked up and down the street checking out dining places.  

It's not often that we see an Airstream motorhome and it is a huge one!

We wanted to have lobsters, chose Water St..  We were seated outside on the deck.  Nice view overlooking the ocean and the lighthouse.  Some seals swam by.  

We had 1 3/4 lb lobster each.  They provided lobster bibs which came in handy.  It was so so delicious and meaty, but very messy! The last time we ate lobsters was in Key West when we, along with friends, dived for lobsters in 2005 during the open season in July. 

Enjoying the sun
No, I'm not sharing!!!!
Getting ready to crack!

As we were still cracking the lobster claws, dipping lobster meat in melted butter, wiping drips from our mouths the sky started to turn ugly. At first it started to drizzle lightly and we thought it was going to stop soon.  However, diners across from us quickly got up, took the silverware, drinks, etc and went inside.  We were, at first, not worried because there was an umbrella above us.  Drizzle turned into rain and we hurriedly took our plates, went inside.  Then came heavy downpour and the wind was howling, knocking down all patio tables, chairs and umbrellas. Lightning and thunders. It knocked out power in the whole town. It was lucky that our lunch was already cooked and other diners had not had their lunch served :-(

Small but strong squall passing by
See the corner? That was where we were sitting.  Chairs, table and
umbrella were knocked over!

Then came the sun and the rain stopped.  After lunch we walked around a bit checking out some stores.  The town was quiet (no electricity).  

We were going to visit Cutler Point Lighthouse, but there is a long hiking trail to get to the lighthouse grounds. The trail was very wet and muddy from the recent rain and we chose not to hike.  

While in North Custer on Route 191 we saw several lightnings in the distance, then it started to rain again as we were leaving to go elsewhere.

We got into Machias,ME at 2:30 pm. Erwin was hoping to find birdseye maple boards at EB Builder Supply store, but they did not have any.

We were planning on visiting friends in Dixmont, ME tomorrow, but after texting with them we figured we had enough time to leave from here to their house.  We were on Route 1 when we received their directions to their house. We stayed on the route until we got to I-395 in Bangor, ME then I-95 South then the exit. Few miles from the exit we arrived Vincent and Wanda's residence.  It was so good to see them again. They used to live in St. Petersburg, FL before moving to ME. Wanda is a ME native. We were introduced to Wanda's mother, Judith, who is living with them.  Wanda's daughter, Melissa and her boyfriend were present. Edith and Vincent's parents were students at Florida School for the Deaf at the same time.  

Vincent and Wanda were instrumental in starting couponing website using American Sign Language for deaf viewers.  Few years ago they gave a workshop in Jacksonville, FL and Edith was invited to watch them and to learn tips on how to give coupon presentations. 

Supper was served. Afterwards Vincent and Wanda gave us a tour of their Timber Framed house.  Vincent did most of the building of their house with some help from Wanda's cousin and friends.  We slept in our van on their driveway and it was cool and pleasant outside. A still night...


  1. Love all the pictures.. I am dreaming to go visit there after see these pictures of your trip.

  2. Hi Mona... I am glad you are enjoying the pictures. Yes I do hope that you will visit places you want to see.

    Thank you for following the blog