Monday, October 13, 2014

August 17, 2014 (118th Day)

It was very cloudy.  Edith was up at 6:30 and it was very quiet at the campground. Only one RV left and everybody else had checked out. Before we were getting ready to check out Edith set up slow cooker with pot roast in it, so by the time we settle in for the evening there will be pulled beef ready.

We got on the road around 8:50 am.

We spent most of the day driving, but Erwin needed to stop for a short break at a gas station. While he was walking toward the store Edith decided to check on slow cooker. She was aghast that it was OFF!  She thought to herself that maybe the inverter was shut off, so she double-checked the inverter and it was still ON!  What could be the problem, she wondered.  She waited for Erwin to come back from the store and told him what went wrong.  He tried to try different ways to get the slow cooker back on, but to no avail.  

On I-85 South from Route 46 we arrived North Carolina (NC) state line at 11:20 am.. We picked up NC state map at the welcome center, then back to I-81, then exited to US 1.

Edith was fuming about the slow cooker and tried to figure out how to "finish" cooking it. We checked the inverter with a coffee pot and it worked so we ruled that "problem" as ok. We then turned on the generator and the power came on, nothing "on" with the crock pot so we figured it got burned out somehow. so we searched for the reason WHY. Edith had put a towel on the bottom of the sink and set the crock pot on it to prevent the sink from getting scratched up with all the vibrations from the road. We checked the crock pot again and noticed there were vents on the bottom of the cooker, AhHa! No ventilation caused it to burn out! SIGH.  Live and learn to be more observant next time. (It was a brand new crock pot)

Now on I-95 South to Route 74 to Tabor City, NC to spend the night at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park.

Erwin suggested that we "cook" pot roast in the microwave, which we did, but it was little chewy, so no pulled beef for sandwiches.

Edith did not take many pictures today

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