Wednesday, October 8, 2014

August 3, 2014 (104th Day)

It was a late morning for us because of our restless night's sleep. Besides that, there was light drizzle that made us feel blah...

We packed up and left the campground at 9:15 am. Erwin said we needed a break from our break. How true.  We have been on the go for the past 3 months and have not had a decent "rest", by that, I mean a stay somewhere where we could sit and rest, sleep in, do nothing, read and recharge our batteries for a few days. We realized that we needed to tweak our method of travel a bit and find a place interesting and cheap enough to stay a few days.  We will be doing that on our next journey!

We needed to do the laundry, so we went to Tim Horton's to use free wifi so we can google to find the nearest laundromat and to get a light breakfast.

We decided we needed to shorten our trip here and we looked at the map to decide which place we want to visit next.

There was a laundromat in Pictoi downtown, but the place was small and dingy and we did not want to do the laundry there.  While still in the area we strolled along the waterfront.

There were historic buildings, also museums. There was a lobster hatchery and it was very interesting.  When we were standing on the dock admiring the view the lobster gal brought a pitcher that had 2 week old lobsters. We watched as she was releasing them into the water.

Lobster Hatchery 
Blue Lobster - very rare
2 week old lobsters 

Getting ready to be released into the water

Releasing the baby lobsters
There was a small flea or farmer's market nearby, but there was nothing special there.  After  Pictou, NS we headed out to Antigonish, NS

In Antigonish we visited St. Ninian's Cathedral Parish. It is the Episcopal seat for the Diocese of Antigonish, NS. The church is 72' long and 45' wide, with a spire of 110' high and can hold 800 people at one time. The interior is amazingly beautiful and the decoration was done by Ozias LeDuc, a Quebec artist who had studied in Paris, France. The main reason for us checking out churches during our trip is that we are interested in the different styles that people use long ago to build beautiful churches. It is also because we were curious to see the art work, architectural designs.  Some churches are plain some are way over the top ornate, some are garish in their decorations.  The most beautiful one was among the first ones we saw in Thibbodaux, Louisiana!  That one was an EYE opener.


Each window has a different Tartan hanging from the latch.

From the church we got on Route 337 N to visit Cape George Lighthouse. Along the route we stopped at Bonaparte's Cove near the marina to eat lunch. While we were enjoying our lunch a couple from NS came up to us and remarked, after looking at our Florida license tag,  "You are a long way from home".  Yep, we are!  That was the most common remark we received wherever we stopped in Canada.

Tree hanging onto dear life!

Cape George Lighthouse is situated on Cape George Point which overlooks the waters of St. George's Bay.  This lighthouse was built in 1968 and is the third one to be built on the same site. The first lighthouse, built in 1907, was destroyed by fire.  The grounds is open, but the tower is closed.  Great view of the Bay.

After seeing what we wanted to see we turned around and headed west to Route 245 to visit another lighthouse in Arisag.  Erwin was delighted to see that the beach was very rocky because he can build a cairn there.  This time he built the tallest one ever.

Arisag Lighthouse (replica)
The original one was burned down


It drizzled for a short time and there were grey clouds hovering above. We did not know if it was going to rain or not.

Going back west then right to 245 South to Antigonish then Route 4 to 104. Exit 35 to 316 for Issac Harbour N, got on the ferry to cross the river for $5.50 CD.  Port Bickerton Lighthouse was already closed when we got there. We missed it by 15 minutes. We went ahead and walked around the property and admired the view.

It was getting late and we needed to find a campground before it gets dark. About 18 miles down the road there is Nimrod's Campground. $25 a night for unserviced site which was okay with us.

We had chicken leftovers from the night before, so we reheated them and added roasted PEI potatoes that we bought when we visited PEI. Yummy!

After supper we walked down to the lakeside hoping to catch the sunset. There were too many trees and clouds in the way.

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