Wednesday, October 8, 2014

August 4, 2014 (105th Day)

Up at 7 am.  We couldn't tell if it is still drizzling or has stopped.  Instead of walking a long way to the bathhouse we drove.

It was around 8:45 am that we checked out of the campground. A late start to begin sightseeing.

We wanted to visit Sherbrooke Village museum, but it was not open until 9:30 am and we would have to wait half an hour before we can go in.  We both discussed and decided not to wait because there are other places we wanted to visit.  We left and went to Spanish Ship Bay.  There were so much seaweed out there that you cannot see the sand at all.

There was a small waterfall with lots of rocks at Liscomb Mills.

The sun was trying to break through the clouds.

Erwin wanted to fix a cup of coffee and we pulled into Marie Joseph Picnic Park.  Also, we had not had our breakfast.  The view was lovely.

Interesting fishing village with boats on Salmon River at Port Dufferin, NS. Lots of small islands 

We got into the town called Sheet Harbour at 10:35 am. There is a McPhee House Community Museum (admission by donation) and we took a look inside. There is a boardwalk behind the building that takes you to waterfalls by the bridge.

Pulling up to the parking lot was a nice looking Honda Gold Wing motorcycle towing a small livable trailer. It has a small kitchen in the back. No washroom! Edith asked the motorcyclist questions about the trailer, but he did not understand her at all.  He spoke French and knew no English.  Really cool!

Back to 7 toward Musquodoboit Harbour

Unique Mailbox in Popes Harbor, NS

Interesting scene of little house, boat and rock cairn at Perry Settlement Road in Jeddore, NS

Crossed Salmon River and arrived Musquodoboit Harbour at 12:15 pm. We then turned left to 107 to go to Cole Habour to do the laundry.  Tim Horton's was nearby, so Edith went there to check emails and update blogs while Erwin did the laundry.

Looked for oil change, found. Mr. Lube, waited for the car in front to be done before they can work on our van. It did not take long to have oil change done.

Fog in the distance over the lake in Bayside, NS via 333

Edith started to get excited as we approached Peggy's Cove Lighthouse. She vividly remembered seeing the lighthouse for the first time in 1978.  At that time there was not much commericalizaton. Parking lot was pretty much filled up and we had to drive around and around until we found one.

There were lots of tourists and it is virtually impossible to tell them to get off the property, so Edith can get a great shot of the lighthouse without people in it.  Anyway, it was overcast at that time and Edith tried her best to take awesome shots.  We lingered around for about an hour and half.

As we were ready to head back to the van a couple waved at us as if they knew who we were.  They were smiling and so excited to see us.  Who were they, we thought for a while?  Do we know them??? Oh?!! A small world!!! We saw them in PEI and now we see Tom and Karen right here in NS.  Imagine that?!?!?

Tom & Karen

They said they came to see the lighthouse in the morning, but the weather was not favorable and left with no intention of coming back later in the day.  However, when they saw that the weather was better in the afternoon they decided to come visit the lighthouse again.  What a coincidence!  We four hung out for a while, taking pictures of us together with the lighthouse in the background.

Leaving our handprints on the wall of Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Fishermen's Monument (100' long) - granite rock carving by William DeGarthe
It is unfortunate that Mr. DeGarthe passed away before the monument was completed.

We four talked about eating out together for supper, but did not know which restaurant to go to.  Tom suggested that we visit the Swissair Flight 111 monument which is not too far from the lighthouse.  On September 2, 1998 Swissair Flight 111 crashed into St. Margaret's Bay. There were no survivors. 

Not knowing where to go for dinner we just drove on and on until Tom saw Rhubarb Restaurant in Indian Harbor.  We were seated outdoors and the view was lovely.  The foods were excellent!

Two thumbs up on this place!
It was getting little dark after we left the restaurant at 8:30 pm.. We needed to find a campground nearby.  Bid Tom and Karen good bye and we kidded each other that we might bump into each other in Maine. 

A couple miles down the road was King Neptune Campground.  The manager would not take credit cards.  She led us to site #58 (unserviced).  The site is right by the water. Beautiful sight!  No sunset, but the cloud formations were something else.  Fixed the bed, put away laundered clothes.

We went to bed feeling content that our day was very good and that we saw Tom and Karen again and had fun with them.  

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