Sunday, October 12, 2014

August 16, 2014 (117th Day)

It was another beautiful morning! This time the kids were not at our van waiting for us to come out.  The novelty must be wearing off?

Jenny informed us that Andrew's parents were coming to visit for few hours.

Andrew's mom, Donna was petting George while Andrew told
the story of how George was rescued

Jenny and Donna
Donna spending time with Evelyn and Sylvia
Donna and Peter having fun!

Berkley playing The Old Maid card games with Evelyn and Sylvia 

George keeping scores!
Lunch time!

Edith cannot get enough of taking pictures of George!
Andrew and George
Thanks to Andrew for bringing this beautiful cat home
George is very lucky to have a home filled with people
who care for him
Andrew's dad, Berkley listening to Evelyn while Peter and Sylvia
were doing crafts
Peter tagging the tail on the poster
(He must be peeking cause he is putting the tail on in the right place)

Time for Kodak moments!

 It is always always hard to leave your loved ones. We hope it won't be too long before we get together again and before the grandkids get too big.

After hugging and kissing the family we left around 3 pm, heading east to Winchester,VA, got gas fill-up for the van, then headed south to Powhatan, Va where we spent the night in Cozy Acres Campground. At that time there was a festival going on in the campground that was wrapping up and closing. We missed the excitement, but wouldn't have traded this for a visit with the family. The campground hired a Firetruck to give rides to all the kiddies who were camping there and the sirens were blaring for the next hour!  We both went to bed early and I did the laundry cause we were out of underwear and socks!  

Memo to self: bring more underwear and socks for next trip!

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